JWC: Ireland Finish Strong in Potchefstroom

The team of the Netherlands had Monday off at the Junior World Cup, in the run-up to the final on Tuesday against Germany (3.45 pm). Six teams from the right-hand row did come into action in Potchefstroom, which once again lived up to its nickname as the city of the four seasons in one day.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Austria v Ireland (9th-10th Place) Picture: Ireland wins with 4-0 from Austria. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Wales – Uruguay 1-5

‘3 1-0 Wood
‘7 1-1 Ruibal
’30 1-2 Civetta (sc)
’40 1-3 Montemurro
’54 1-4 Dieste
’59 1-5 Ruibal
In battle for spot fourteen, Wales lost in the pouring rain to Uruguay, which thus became thirteenth. The start was still good for the British, who did not win a single game in South Africa. But in the second half, Uruguay put things in order. Manuela Ruibal made two for the team from South America, which disappointed somewhat in this tournament. The draw against Argentina at the Pan-Am Cup was apparently an incident.

Zimbabwe – Malaysia 2-7

‘2 1-0 Elijah
’10 1-1 Nor
’15 2-1 Terblanche
’22 2-2 Effarizal (sc)
’23 2-3 Zulkilfi (sb)
’39 2-4 Azhar
’41 2-5 Mahadani (sc)
’48 2-6 Zulkilfi
’53 2-7 Sharuddin (sc)
A real goal feast at the beginning of the afternoon in the game for place eleven. Malaysia fell behind twice and then blasted over Zimbabwe. After the break there was no stopping the number two in Africa. As the sun started to shine again, the score rose to a fair result of 2-7. Malaysia was therefore eleventh, Zimbabwe the number twelve.

Ireland – Austria 4-0

’36 1-0 O’Brien
’45 2-0 Mulcahy (sc)
’51 3-0 Pratt (sc)
’59 4-0 Hamill
Thunderstorms – even with hail – delayed the final duel of the day. Austria held up well for two quarters, but had to bow to Ireland after the break. It was a flattering 4-0 win for the Irish, who scored twice in the last ten minutes. Austria, drummed up as reserve of the reserves, closes the tournament in a handsome tenth place. After the elimination in the group, Ireland won all its duels and boarded the plane as ninth.

World Cup 21 final standings:

15. Canada
14. Wales
13. Uruguay
12. Zimbabwe
11. Malaysia
10. Austria
9. Ireland
7/8 South Africa/United States
5/6 South Korea/Argentina
3/4 India/England
1 /2 Netherlands/Germany

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