JWC – Another monster score for the Dutch Juniors: 11-0 against Canada

After America, Canada has also been turned around by the Dutch Juniors. On the second day of play, the team of national coach Dave Smolenaars won 11–0, the biggest win at the World Cup 21 in South Africa for the time being. As a result, the Netherlands not only has six points after two matches, but also the bizarre goal difference of twenty for and zero against.

The big question Saturday afternoon, in rainy Potchefstroom, was whether Canada could offer more resistance than the US (9-0 win) a day earlier. The answer to that soon became clear. No, the winner of the last Pan-American Cup couldn’t. Canada was lassoed over and was surrounded by the Dutch Juniors, who took a 2-0 lead within seven minutes. These goals, scored by Mette Winter and Jip Dicke, were both due to an attack from the right.

And just like the day before, the first corner also resulted in a goal today. Again it was ‘the new specialist’ Luna Fokke, who scored. Her fourth already of this tournament. Canada parked all its players behind the 23-meter line and the Netherlands had to patiently search for the minute spaces in the circle.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Canada v Netherlands (Pool A) Picture: Mette Winter scored 1-0. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

After five corners, which for various reasons did not yield a goal, Teuntje de Wit signed for the 4-0. The attacker from Den Bosch had to watch as a reserve yesterday, together with Josephine Murray who also made her appearance against Canada. Noor Omrani and Floor de Haan took place in the stands today.

They saw how Tessa Beetsma – again after preparatory work on the right – raised the score just before the halftime signal. The HDM striker tipped the ball nicely past the Canadian goalie, who stopped quite a few balls.  In the second half, the Dutch Juniors continued to score happily. The first corner after the break flew in again via Fokke. Five minutes later, Dicke also scored from the head of the circle: 7-0. Shortly after the first chance for Canada – for which we had to wait forty minutes – Dicke struck again, this time through her backhand.

POTCHEFSTROOM FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022 Canada v Netherlands (Pool A) Picture: Jip Dicke WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

The Netherlands went on the hunt for double figures in the last quarter, something that has succeeded seven times before in a World Cup-21. Again it was Dicke who outsmarted the Canadian defence. She scored 9-0 from close range. Not her best of the goal-rich afternoon, but a goal that earned her hat-trick.

As a result, there were still more than ten minutes before a tenth goal, which – it was coming – also fell. Beetsma was allowed to make it, in the packed Canadian circle. It got even worse for the poor North Americans, supported passionately by many fans in the stands. The final chord was of course for top scorer Fokke. Just like yesterday, she made three today, making the final score 11-0.

Netherlands – Canada 11-0 (5-0)

‘5 1-0 Mette Winter
‘ 7 2-0 Jip Dicke
’13 3-0 Luna Fokke (sc)
’29 4-0 Teuntje de Wit
’30 5-0 Tessa Beetsma
’32 6-0 Luna Fokke (sc)
‘ 37 7-0 Jip Dicke (sc)
’44 8-0 Jip Dicke
’48 9-0 Jip Dicke
’52 10-0 Tessa Beetsma
’53 11-0 Luna Fokke 

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