India: 40 Technical Officials and Umpires complete FIHA– AHF Level 1 Course during Hero Asian Champions Trophy Chennai 2023

~16 (8 Men and 8 Women) Technical Officials and 24 Umpires (14 Men and 10 Women) completed FIHA – AHF Level 1 Courses~

Chennai, 14th August 2023: During the course of the Hero Asian Champions Trophy Chennai 2023 40 nominated candidates undertook the FIH Academy – AHF Technical Officials and Umpires Level 1 Course. The candidates were nominated on the basis of their performance in the domestic circuit over the last 3 years.

Ms Elisabeth Fuerst and Mr Sasidharan Vasudhevan, FIH Academy Educators, were appointed by Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) to elevate and upskill the nominated candidates, empowering them with the tools they require to make more informed decisions during tournaments.  

Commenting on the competence of the candidates Ms Elisabeth Fuerst, FIH Academy Educator said, “The level of the candidates was pretty high coming into the course itself, they already had the knowledge that they required so we looked at applying that knowledge of rules and regulations in real life complex situations and arriving at the right decisions.”  

“The next course will be the FIH Academy – AHF Technical Officials and Umpires Level 2 and we have planned for it later this year. I am confident they can do well in this course as well and improve the standards of officiating in the country,” Fuerst shed light on the way forward for the candidates.  

 “I hope they are taking something away from this course, they will have more clarity on how to deal with various situations, how to apply the rules and regulations well and how to take good decisions in situations that they haven’t encountered before,” Elisabeth added. 

Mr. Sasidharan Vasudhevan, FIH Academy Educator, praised the candidates who participated in the FIH Academy – AHF Technical Officials and Umpires Level 1 Course, saying that the “nominated candidates not only arrived with prior knowledge of umpiring but also showcasing remarkable potential.”

“They were also thoughtfully placed in their appropriate age groups, which added to their genuine enthusiasm for the course and umpiring in hockey events around the world,” he added.

The Asian Hockey Federation organised the FIH Academy – AHF Technical Officials and Umpires Level 1 Course to broaden the knowledge of Technical Officials and Umpires. The aforementioned courses were held during the recently concluded Hero Asian Champions Trophy Chennai 2023. Ms. Elisabeth Fuerst and Mr. Sasidharan Vasudhevan, esteemed FIH Academy Educators, led the courses, imparting invaluable knowledge and skills to our candidates and expanding their understanding of officiating in hockey.

By Hockey India

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