Home win for Alster, UHC loses Derby

The Hamburg quarter-finalists met on an equal footing in the first ten minutes of the game. After a free kick for the Alster men on the right side of the UHC shooting circle, the hosts were able to create the first chance to score, which was converted by Philip Rothländer on the left post to make it 1-0 (10th). The club on the Alster increasingly increased the pressure on the guests and often pushed the UHC back into the opposing half.

In order to slow down the high pace of the home side, the guests retreated into their own half after the quarter break and waited for a counterattack. This came after three minutes played for Tobias Jesus Martins, who was able to secure a penalty corner in the Alster shooting circle. Corner shooter Benedikt Schwarzhaupt used this chance and scored for the UHC to equalize 1:1 (33.,KE). The club on the Alster responded with two dangerous situations in front of the UHC goal, which could not be turned into an opening goal. As with the first goal of the derby, the next opportunity for the hosts came with a free kick from the right side: the ball went to the edge of the UHC’s shooting circle, where Struan Robert Walker intercepted the pass and put the ball straight through with the Argentine backhand Kreis shot into the opposing goal and increased the score to 2:1 (25th). The UHC men then went into the final minutes of the quarter more aggressively, but were unable to equalize before the break.

Still dynamic, the guests came back out of the dressing room and pushed Alster back into the circle. But Benedikt Schwarzhaupt shot the second corner that UHC had fought for past the right post of the Alster gate. The hosts were then more active and dominant in the duels again, but Jack Tyler Heldens missed the next scoring chance in the UHC circle (37th). The now gripping appearance of the Alster men was punished by the referees with two green cards: the guests had two more field players on the pitch, but could not use their majority situation to their advantage.

The club on the Alster cleared its first corner at the beginning of the last quarter: Shooter Niklas Bruns couldn’t get past the UHC goalkeeper, however, and Robert Köpp then aimed the follow-up shot just wide of the far post (48th). The guests from UHC dominated the game in the next few minutes, calmed their build-up and fought for another chance to equalize with a short corner, which Frederik Gohlke was able to defend for the Alster men (53.). Two minutes before the end it got heated again during an attack by the hosts: This situation not only gave Philip Rothländer (Club an der Alster) and Benedikt Schwarzhaupt (UHC Hamburg) the yellow card, but even meant red for Michel Struthoff (UHC Hamburg). (58th). The UHC men then took the penalty corner for the hosts without a goalkeeper and with a majority of field players, but were unable to miss a shot by Niklas Bruns to make it 3-1 (58′, KE).

The Hamburg city derby ended after a heated final phase with the 3:1 (2:1) home win for the club on the Alster and the first important point in the quarter-final series. The UHC has the opportunity for revenge next week.

by Hockey Magazine DE

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