Hockey on TV: extra attention for SCHC-Pinoké and OR-Kampong

The last round in the Tulip Hoofdklasse has started. The entire men’s program will be completed on Saturday, followed by the ladies on Sunday. Viaplay pays extra attention to the women’s duel between SCHC and Pinoké and the men’s battle between Oranje-Rood and Kampong.

Viaplay travels to Eindhoven on Saturday, where the Oranje-Rood will compete against leader Kampong. The team from Eindhoven lost a crucial cracker against Pinoké last week, so that it no longer has control over placement for the play-offs. Nevertheless, Jeroen Baart’s team will do everything they can to beat the leader to give Thomas Briels, who is leaving for Braxgata, a good farewell.

That will not be easy: leader Kampong only lost in its last 22 league games to Schaerweijde (2-1 on March 19) and Bloemendaal (1-3, April 16). The other matches in that series resulted in eighteen victories and two draws.

Tulip Hoofdklasse Ladies

In the Tulip Hoofdklasse Ladies, the extra attention goes to Bilthoven, for the duel between leader SCHC and Pinoké. The home team is still undefeated in the last 21 rounds. Stichtsche can even become the first club ever in the Ladies Major League that does not lose a single game for two full seasons in a row. Last season, the team remained undefeated with sixteen wins and six draws.

The reporters from hockey.nl can also be found along the fields this weekend. On Saturday we will visit Voordaan, where the home team will take on Pinoké. The team from Amsterdam is sure of a place in the play-offs if they win. In front is already certain of relegation. Peter Jonker’s team scored 126 goals in 21 games this season, an average of six goals per game.

On Sunday we can be found in the Tulip Hoofdklasse Ladies in Tilburg, where the team from Brabant will compete against Bloemendaal, that team is already certain of participation in the play-outs. Tilburg is seventh and can still climb to sixth place. If that succeeds, the team of Ageeth Boomgaardt and Maartje Paumen can call itself the second best PhD candidate. The Mussen have not won nine games in a row in the big league.

squatter in Bilthoven

We will also visit the Promotion Class. There we are present at the men’s topper between SCHC and Laren. Laren can become champion if the team wins in Bilthoven. SCHC also has everything for a three-pointer: the team still has a chance to participate in the play-offs to the big league.


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