Hockey: Louvain in Division 1 and Uccle Sport in play-offs

Daring – Uccle Sport: 2-1. The calculations were simple at the start of this last meeting of the Ucclois regular season. They had to do as well as Louvain, which was going to Braxgata on its side. A match that the proteges of Sofie Gierts would therefore have to take in hand. But it was nothing. The Daring played without pressure and proved to be dangerous with the ambition of finishing in style this season, a week, after having ensured its maintenance sportingly. And it was finally on the 5th local penalty that Daniel Bell found the opening (21st). After the break, it was Alex Van Linthoudt, who had left his armband to Manu Brunet for his last match in the Molenbeek jersey, who doubled his team’s lead. The visitors regained some strength and Ben Nelson reduced the gap from the penalty spot. The end of the game was even more disjointed and the score did not change. The Daring signed a 6th and last success while Uccle Sport, despite the defeat, was assured of the play-offs (against Antwerp or Beerschot).

Leopold – Waterloo Ducks: 3-3. Dress rehearsal for next week’s semi-finals with this duel at the top between the first and the fourth of the competition. And it was the Brabançons (without Max Van Oost, injured) who struck first on a penalty converted by Victor Charlet (21st). But the Uccle reaction was immediate via the formidable Tom Boon. The match was pleasant and it was Jeremy Wilbers who restored the lead to his team from the penalty spot (28th). But at the break, the 2 teams were neck and neck thanks to Eliott Van Strydonck (33rd). In the second half, the Leo continued his attacks from the cage of Simon Vandenbroucke and it was finally Tom Boon who offered himself a double and scored his 53rd goal of the season (in 22 games). But with only a few seconds left to play in this encounter, the French international equalized from the penalty spot and offered a logical split for the visitors.

Braxgata – Leuven: 6-1. There was no real suspense on Boom’s side since the Universitaires were no match for a diligent local team despite the absence of Loick Luypaert. But it was not until the 31st minute that Christophe Adriaensen opened the scoring and thus celebrated his last game among the Elite with dignity. Jeff De Winter doubled Brax’s lead before the break, from the penalty spot. After the break, the locals unrolled and fed the scoreboard via Nelson Onana (41st), Ben Walker (66th) and Agustin Mazzilli (70th on pc). Mario Mucic saved the honor for the visitors who therefore returned to Division 1. An outcome which Liégeois Pilou Maraite, who is ending his career, certainly did not expect when accepting a last freelance at the start of the season .

One last defeat for the defending champions

Dragons – Herakles: 1-2. Definitely the Lierrois will have been surprising until the end in this championship. They delivered a lackluster season but they offered a few highlights like this ultimate success against one of the title candidates. At the quarter of an hour, Nicolas Della Torre had nevertheless opened the scoring for the local team from the penalty spot. Antonin Igau equalized before the break (33rd) before Nicolas De Kerpel offered a 10th victory in his colors. A last outing also for goalkeeper Amaury Timmermans who puts his gaiters away after a remarkable career (14 seasons) in the Division d’honneur.

Old Club – Ghent: 2-8. The Flandriens have prepared their semi-finals perfectly next weekend against the Dragons by signing a great success in the Ardent City. An unbalanced match on paper between a team already guaranteed to return to D1 after a season among the Elite and a title candidate who continues to gain momentum. The scorers of the day: Roman Duvekot (2), Sean Murray (2), Emile Esquelin, Timothée Clément, Etienne Tynevez and Maxime Deplus. New Zealander Charl Ulrich scored the 2 Liege goals from the penalty spot. It was also the last meeting under the orders of José Brasa whose collaboration ends after 5 years with the Old Club.

by Le Soir

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