Belgium: Uccle Sport will have to increase in power during the play-offs

Even if the promoted did not manage to sign a fifth victory during the final day of the regular competition in Molenbeek land, they still have their fate in their hands to ensure their maintenance in the Division of Honor. Against the Daring, they showed some shortcomings that they could not reproduce during the play-offs, but above all they lacked the effectiveness to worry an opponent who demonstrated one last time that he could certainly have claimed other things at the start. outcome of these 22 days.

A logical defeat (2-1), but which, coupled with that of Leuven at Braxgata (6-1), ultimately has no consequences for the proteges of Sofie Gierts, well aware of the lackluster performance of her team . “We are certainly not frustrated, because we end up exactly where we wanted. Namely that we are jump-offs and that we have known for a week that this is the highest position in the standings that we could still claim. But there is obviously some disappointment at the final whistle, because I think we could offer better during this meeting. And this feeling is obviously shared by all the players. However, to be honest, which opponents have not come out frustrated this season with their duels against the Daring. And this is something that we knew and could have anticipated. We were therefore prepared to feel these emotions, but in the heat of the moment, it is not always easy to remain lucid. »

Uccle Sport will now start preparing for two delicate duels against the third in Division 1, namely the winner of the double confrontation between Antwerp and Beerschot (4-3 in the first leg). An appointment that the people of Brussels will have to prepare carefully, because their future opponent will have the knife between their teeth after missing the direct climb. “With the play-offs, we are starting a new championship”, continues the Uccle T1. “In front of us, we will find an opponent who has a completely different style, another way of playing. It will be a team that we do not know. But the management of the matches will have to be total during these two meetings. It will be almost the only thing that will count in these finals. I don’t know if my players should do better. They just have to practice the game they are able to come up with. They have all the qualities to do so in any case. It is the management of emotions that will be essential. You don’t have to be afraid. And it will be fundamental not to force. »

A moving farewell for Manu Brunet

On the Molenbeek side, it was naturally total satisfaction at the end of this new deserved success. The club is now awaiting the return of the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport (CBAS) to obtain its license for next season, due to unpaid bills with the ONSS and taxes. A final successful outing after a complicated second game of the championship given Daring’s financial situation and the departure of the coach and three players during the winter break. And a match with a very special flavor too since it was the last of Manu Brunet, Olympic champion in 2016 with Argentina, sports director and executive of the Brussels team.

“We had a remarkable second round. We showed character in the face of difficulties and we achieved a final sprint of great beauty since we only lost points against the four teams qualified for the playoffs. But for the rest, we answered each time present with four successes and a share. This team can be extremely proud of what it has accomplished. We have worked hard to keep the Daring in the Division d’honneur. We have finally found consistency in recent weeks and that is what allowed us to sign this second round of the championship. »

by Le Soir

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