HK (D): Den Bosch wins topper, another win for Kampong

On the ninth matchday in the Dutch big league, Den Bosch won the top match against Amsterdam. In the Wagener Stadium it was 2-1 for the leader on Sunday. At the bottom, Kampong was 2-1 too strong for last-placed Oranje-Rood and HGC took three points in the duel with hdm in the nick of time thanks to three hits by Cecile Pieper.

Amsterdam – Den Bosch 1-2

The battered Amsterdam lost the top match against Den Bosch on Sunday. The home team, which missed no less than five players, kept the national champion from scoring before half-time, but capitulated thanks to two goals in the third quarter. Den Bosch therefore won 1-2.

39. Frédérique Matla 0-1
41. Lidewij Welten (sc) 0-2
47. Freeke Moes (sc) 1-2

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Sanne Koolen in duel with Kira Horn during Amsterdam-Den Bosch. Photo: Bart Scheulderman

SCHC – Victoria 3-0

SCHC has won only two of its last nine home games in the Dutch big league (G4 V3), but can add another after today. Xan de Waard and Mette Winter signed for a 2-0 lead before the break. Yibbi Jansen was also accurate with her penalty corner in quarter three. SCHC kept ‘zero’ and is therefore the least passed defense of the Dutch big league. Another boost for the team from Bilthoven: Famke Richardson was back in the game after a long injury (concussion).

Mette Winter 1-0
Xan de Waard 2-0
Yibbi Jansen (sc) 3-0

HGC – hdm 3-2

In extremis, HGC took the full loot against hdm. Cecile Pieper gave the Wassenaar team the victory with her third goal of the afternoon. For the first time since March 17, 2010 (3-1) HGC was once again too strong for hdm.

34. Cecile Pieper 1-0
39. Jip Dicke (sc) 1-1
45. Cecile Pieper 2-1
59. Pien van Nes (sc) 2-2
70. Cecile Pieper (sc) 3-2

Klein Zwitserland – Hurley 1-1

KZ scored a point at hdm (2-2) on Friday, ending a series of four consecutive defeats. However, the team has already been without a win for seven games in a row. Only on the first round did KZ take three points: 2-3 at Victoria. Today another point can be added to the total.

10. Gitte Michels (sc) 0-1
20. Suzanne de Vries 1-1

Oranje-Rood – Kampong 1-2

A cracker at the bottom of the Dutch big league, in which Luna Fokke – again – opened the score. From the first corner of the game, she immediately dragged in. Sian Keil equalized just after the break. Pilar Romang single-handedly accounted for the three runs, which means that the Orange-Red is still at the bottom.

30. Luna Fokke (sc) 0-1
38. Sian Keil 1-1
52. Pilar Romang (sc) 1-2

Read the match report of the game between Oranje-Rood and Kampong

Disappointment at Oranje-Red after the defeat against Kampong. Photo: Willem Vernes

Pinoké – Bloemendaal 3-3

Pinoké remained unbeaten in her last six mutual duels with Bloemendaal (W4 G2), but the team was unable to maintain that series this Sunday. It rained goals in the Amsterdam forest.

18. Maria Steensma 1-0
41. Carmel Bosch 1-1
56. Kari Stam 2-1
59. Frances Westenberg 3-1
60. Carmel Bosch 3-2
64. Demi Hilterman 3-3

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