HBS player Ter Veen: ‘I bring bad luck, my team jokes’

The ladies of HBS did not cry tears after the lost game against Huizen. Due to the 2-4 loss, Laurence Docherty’s team was relegated to the Overgangsklasse. For HBS striker Laura ter Veen, it is already the second relegation in a row. Last year, she met the same fate with The Terriers. “My teammates were already joking that I bring bad luck.”

Four goals in huizen’s second quarter heralded the relegation of the Bloemendalers yesterday. HBS fought for what it was worth in the second half, but was unable to avert the calamity. After the final whistle, a number of players dropped to their knees. Tired and aware of fate: relegation to the Transitional League.

Ter Veen is HBS’s top scorer with four goals. Against Huizen, the forward also had chances, but was just not effective. Her teammates’ two goals were to no avail either. Ter Veen: ‘I’m disappointed that we don’t reward ourselves. In the second half, Huizen had zero chances. We got enough, but only scored once. Today was extreme, but this is indicative of the season. We’ve had chances every game that we really need to have. It’s sad that it doesn’t work out. Especially today. Now it’s done.’

Disappointment for HBS player Veerle Groeneveld after the relegation. Photo: Gerard Spaans/Orange Pictures

The disappointment of the inevitable relegation didn’t bring tears down her and her teammates’ cheeks. “Let me just say that we are not surprised that it ended this way. Moreover, we fought against Huizen. That might make it less bad.’

Bringing misfortune

Relegated two years in a row. It’s not given many players. Ter Veen: ‘Of course it’s not nice to be relegated twice. At the same time, I think it’s exciting to play relegation hockey. At the beginning of the season, we knew that it was a battle at the bottom to maintain. That gives a purpose to fight for. Playing in the middle seems less fun to me.’

The move from The Terriers to HBS had – of course – to do with the relegation last season. Ter Veen: ‘I wanted to keep playing Promotion Class and asked to come here. My teammates sometimes joke that I bring bad luck. But now I don’t intend to look further. This team has a high level. Higher than with The Terriers. I’m sure we’ll be in the top flight in the Transition League.’

Laura ter Veen is already fighting for next season at HBS. Photo: Gerard Spaans/Orange Pictures

‘In addition’, Ter Veen continues, ‘it’s a super fun team. Everyone is open, interested in each other and does their best to make it a close-knit team. Also outside of hockey we meet to go out for dinner with each other or have a drink. So if the team stays together, I’ll almost certainly stay too.’

HBS – Houses 2-4 (1-4)

8. Puck the Wise 1-0
21. Sam Luttmer (SC) 1-1
25. Noa Van Leer 1-2
27. Noor Knot 1-3
33. Noa Van Leer 1-4
40. Anna Van den Putten 2-4


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