Germany: Polo Beats Krefeld, Cologne and Berlin Clearly Win

Rot-Weiss Köln and Berliner HC clinched clear victories on Sunday. The Harvestehuder THC turned the game against TSV Mannheim Hockey very late and the Hamburger Polo Club was able to celebrate a small liberation in Krefeld. The match reports:


UHC Hamburg and Mannheimer HC met in a direct duel after their victories yesterday. Thanks to the clear 3-0 home win against TSV Mannheim Hockey, UHC had moved past Harvestehuder THC to third place in Season A. Mannheimer HC caused HTHC’s 1:3 home defeat in the Volvo ERB top game of the week yesterday, which means that MHC is still one point behind Club an der Alster in second place in Season B.

Yesterday penalty corner specialist Gonzalo Peillat gave Mannheimer HC the lead for the first time in the 53rd minute with his important goal to make it 1:2. Today the German national player only needed five minutes, his early penalty corner made it 0:1 (5′, KE). The UHC tried to respond quickly, but the Mannheimer HC carried the early lead into the first quarter break.

As at the beginning of the first quarter, Mannheimer HC started strong and was then awarded a 7-metre throw: Gonzalo Peillat didn’t take long to ask and made it 0:2 (21.7 m.) without humor. It stayed that way until halftime.

It was a tight, exciting game in the second half as well. In the third quarter, UHC Hamburg didn’t manage to make the connection, but in the 49th minute the time had come: Koji Yamasaki scored to make it 1:2 (49th). But Mannheimer HC reacted in the style of a top team and restored the old gap through Justus Weigand (50′). Cameron Golden made the last few minutes exciting again with his goal to make it 2:3 (57th), but Mannheimer HC brought the victory over time.

UHC Hamburg will host Rot-Weiss Köln next Saturday (12:00 p.m.), while Mannheimer HC will host Berliner HC on Sunday (2:00 p.m.).


Opposite signs prevailed in Krefeld today. The climber from Krefeld is second in Season A after five games, quite surprisingly ahead of teams like the UHC, the HTHC or Uhlenhorst Mülheim. Last year’s finalist Polo is in sixth place in Season A after a disappointing start to the season and three points from four games. The Hamburg team celebrated their last and only win of the season in a home game on September 10 against Düsseldorfer HC, who still had no points, when Polo won 4-2.

The self-confidence of the first games was also noticeable in the early stages of the game against polo from Krefeld. But the guests managed to get through the initial phase of pressure unscathed. And the guests got into the game better and better: After the Krefeld players were able to fend off the first attempt by penalty corner specialist Kane Russell, he mercilessly sunk the follow-up shot to make it 0:1 (9′, KE). The leadership gave Hamburg security and the CHTC gradually increased the pressure. But Polo continued to defend cleverly and was rewarded shortly before the end of the second quarter with the 0:2: Diede van Puffelen hit the target with an Argentinian backhand from the edge of the circle (27th). A little later, Niklas Wellen saw the yellow card for complaining and a little later had to watch a penalty corner deflected by Kane Russell from the first wave to 0:

After the break, Krefeld came out of the dressing room with a lot of energy and shortened the lead directly: Masi Pfandt took the penalty corner (34′, KE). It went back and forth as a result, Krefeld was better than for long stretches of the first half, but the promoted team didn’t want to score a goal despite the best chances, which is why the Hamburger Polo Club was able to achieve an eminently important away win.

The Crefeld HTC will host Rot-Weiss Köln on October 8th (4:30 p.m.), while the Hamburger Polo Club will also be challenged in the city derby at the Club an der Alster on October 8th (2:00 p.m.)


Two of Saturday’s losers faced each other in this duel. Despite a 1:0 lead at half-time, Harvestehuder THC lost just under 1:3 in the duel with Mannheimer HC. TSV Mannheim Hockey didn’t even have a goal of their own in UHC’s safe 3-0 home win. With eight goals of their own, TSVMH is the second weakest offensive in the league, only Düsseldorfer HC has scored less once.

TSV Mannheim Hockey defended Harvestehuder THC in a man-oriented manner right from the start, Harvestehuder THC tried to gain space in the build-up game with quick changes of sides. A lot went over the left side of the HTHC in the first few minutes, but the TSVMH acted very concentrated in and on their own shooting circle. The HTHC was the better team because it was more active. However, Michael Körper was unable to convert the first penalty corner of the game (10′). And in return, TSV Mannheim Hockey came forward: A great solo run down the left by Philip Schlageter, including a strong cross pass, only had to be blocked by Luca Großmann to make it 0-1 (11′). Shortly before the end of the first quarter, the TSVMH even had the chance to make it 0:2, but Anton Brinckman saved from a penalty corner in dire need (14th).

Harvestehuder came out of the quarter break energetically: Ntuli got the next penalty corner for the HTHC after less than 45 seconds in the second quarter, but this was easily blocked, which is why Körper couldn’t put enough pressure behind the ball (16th). The HTHC remained the optically superior team, but the penalty corners didn’t want to work (24th & 30th), which is why it went 0-1 at halftime.

The HTHC kept increasing the pressure in the third quarter, but the guests remained stable and also had the necessary portion of luck in their luggage. The TSVMH had a final situation, but Anton Brinckmann had no problems defusing the high blow (42nd). With the end of the season in the third quarter, the HTHC had another opportunity to equalize with a penalty corner, but the TSVMH was able to rectify the tricky situation again.

Final quarter in Hamburg and the question of whether the TSVMH would really be able to keep the zero. The HTHC continued to stir up the TSVMH and then the time had come: Michael Körper controlled a cross from the right in the middle with his back to the goal and hammered the ball high into the far corner with the Argentine backhand (52nd). And the HTHC stayed on: A little later there was the next penalty corner and Michael Körper took responsibility: His hard penalty corner went into the box on the right (53.,KE). The HTHC had turned the game around within 60 seconds! However, TSV Mannheim Hockey switched directly and acted much more offensively after falling behind. Two minutes before the end, a shot just missed the goal of the HTHC, after the TSVMH had just missed a penalty corner (58th). 

Harvestehuder THC is challenged next Saturday in the Euro Hockey League on their own facility against the Scottish representative Western Wildcats HC (5:15 p.m.), while TSV Mannheim Hockey hosts Berliner HC next Saturday (2:00 p.m.)


The leaders of season A and reigning champions from Cologne, who are still standing without losing a point after four games, welcomed the men from the Munich SC, who also had a good start to the season. The Munich team beat Düsseldorfer HC 1-3 yesterday and, thanks to Cologne’s 2-0 home win, moved past Berliner HC to third place in Season B.

In Cologne, too, the Munich SC showed a spirited performance, but then fell behind due to a goal by Elian Mazkour at the beginning of the second quarter (18th). The Cologne team then stayed on and were able to celebrate again a little later: Tom Grambusch nailed a penalty corner to make it 2-0 at half-time (23′, KE). 

Cologne took things a little easier at the beginning of the second half and were promptly punished: Nikas Berendts shortened the penalty corner (42′, KE). However, Cologne immediately shifted up a gear and Thies Prinz restored the old gap (42′). Shortly before the end of the third quarter, Elian Mazkour even increased the lead to 4:1 (44th). Final quarter in Cologne and the strongest player in the ranks of the champions today was not finished yet: Elian Mazkour scored again and tied the hat trick (47th). In the end, Tom Grambusch completed the half dozen with a converted penalty corner (50′, KE), before Florian Adrian’s goal made it 7-1 (60′).

Rot-Weiss Köln travel to UHC Hamburg next Saturday (12:00 p.m.), while the Munich SC hosts the club on the Alster on Saturday (1:00 p.m.)


Uhlenhorst Mülheim kept up with the playoff places thanks to the narrow 2:1 home win against the Hamburger Polo Club the day before and was able to overtake the Hamburgers in the event of a home win thanks to the UHC’s defeat against Mannheimer HC. The club on the Alster had been pushed out of first place in Season B by Mannheim’s victory at the UHC and wanted to recapture it with an away win at Uhlenhorst Mülheim.

The team from Mülheim had to play the difficult home game against the club on the Alster without yesterday’s injured double scorer and captain Lukas Windfeder. But even without their captain, the Mülheimers acted very aggressively in the duels and tried to give the guests as little space as possible. And the people of Mülheim became bolder: an Alster defender actually had control of a cross into the circle, then unhappily slipped away, causing Malte Hellwig to pick up the ball and deliberate the ball from a half-right position and place it precisely in the far corner to make it 1-0 ( 10.). As a countermove, Alster took the first penalty corner of the game, but the team from Mülheim was able to defend it with their combined strength (12′). 

The second quarter was an even game, in which Alster often tried to let the ball run quickly, but the hosts defended very carefully in their own circle. Nine seconds before the end of the second quarter, Friedrich Gröpper played a ball up from the circle and gave Mülheim their first penalty corner of the game: Oliver MacIntyre’s attempt shot just wide of the post to the left (30′). 

In the third quarter, Uhlenhorst Mülheim took control of the game a little more and was then awarded another penalty corner and this time MacIntyre does it better: his hard, if not particularly well-placed, shot made it 2-0 on the back of the goal board (38′, KE) . The Mülheimers then withdrew a bit and then tried to counter: A great solo run by Malte Hellwig from the center line deserved a goal, but his shot from half left hissed just wide of the far post (41st).

Alster stayed on and was rewarded early in the final quarter: Maximilian Schnepel’s penalty corner touched the right inside post and crossed the line to make it 2-1 (50′, KE). 70 seconds before the end of the game, Alster went all-in and replaced their own goalkeeper with an additional field player, but in the end it was a narrow 2-1 home win for Uhlenhorst Mülheim.

Uhlenhorst Mülheim will host Düsseldorfer HC next Saturday (4:00 p.m.), while the Alster club will also have to play at Munich SC on Saturday (1:00 p.m.)


The Düsseldorfer HC are the only team in the league without a point from four games at the bottom of the table in season A. For their part, Berliner HC has collected six points after five games and lost just 2-0 at Rot-Weiss Köln yesterday. The capital city wanted to regain third place in Düsseldorf from Munich SC, which they had taken over through their victory in Düsseldorf and thanks to the simultaneous defeat of BHC in Cologne.

However, the hosts got off to a better start and took a 1-0 lead through Florian Hackl in the first quarter (10′). The Berliners needed a little to digest the deficit. Five minutes before the end of the first half, however, the BHC showed its class: First, captain Paul Dösch, who has been in impressive form since the start of the season, scored a penalty corner to make it 1-1 (25′, KE), before only a few seconds later Matteo Poljaric turned the game (26th). Liam Holdermann then scored just two minutes later and gave Berliner HC a 1:3 lead (28th). Then it was halftime and Düsseldorfer HC was able to collect itself.

And Düsseldorf didn’t let themselves be shaken off at the beginning of the third quarter, on the contrary: Jonas Holtmanns reduced the deficit to 2:3 (34th) immediately after the restart. But the Berlin HC didn’t start to shake and put Liam Holdermann directly back to 2:4 (35th). Shortly before the end of the third quarter, the BHC then decided the game with the 2:5 (43rd). In the final quarter, Jonathan Poeschel filled the half-dozen goals (52′), before the 2:7 (54′) through Marius Gemmel and 2:8 (57′) through Matteo Poljaric for the capital city-dwellers followed.

Düsseldorfer HC will have their next chance to score their first points of the season next Saturday at Uhlenhorst Mülheim (4:00 p.m.), while Berliner HC will also be challenged at TSV Mannheim Hockey on Saturday (2:00 p.m.).

Photo: Hans Kramhöller (SportsGallery) Written by Hockeyliga eV

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