Germany Inflict World Cup Revenge on South Africa

After the 3-2 win over France , Germany also won the second Pro League match in Potchefstroom. South Africa was defeated 6-1 on Thursday. With a goal and an assist, Tom Grambusch, who returned after almost three years, was once again important for the team of new national coach André Henning.

The last time the two countries met was last summer during the Olympic Games. In Tokyo, South Africa caused a resounding surprise by beating the Germans 4-3 in the group stage after trailing 3-2.

This time, too, the South Africans seemed to be on their way to a good result. After two quarters the score was 1-1, but after the break the Germans overran South Africa. Afterwards, Henning confessed that the first half was weak from the German side: ‘We don’t have to beat around the bush.’

Debuting keepers

With debuting Niklas Garst under the bar, who was replaced after the break by Anton Brinckman, who also made his debut, the Germans took the lead after seventeen minutes. The first penalty corner was a prey for Tom Grambusch, who also scored twice against France the day before.

Tom Grambusch returned to the selection of Germany after an absence of almost three years. Photo: FIH

The 1-0 score also seemed to become the halftime score, but forty seconds before the halftime signal Keenan Horne picked up the ball and spooned it through the crossbar and the post into the German goal. The video referee reviewed the situation, but ruled that nothing illegal had happened.

After the break, Germany had things better. A penalty corner variant gave the 2-1 lead, after Tom Grambusch passed the ball to brother Mats. After the third quarter, thanks to goals from Luis Gill, his second goal in four international matches, and Thies Prinz, the score had risen to 4-1.

Half a dozen complete

This did not satisfy the hunger of the Germans. Two more goals were added in the last quarter. Hard bangs from Timm Herzbruch (backhand) and Niklas Wellen (forehand) determined the final score at 6-1.

Zuid-Afrika-Duitsland 1-6 (1-1)
17.Tom Grambusch 0-1 (sc)
30.Keenan Horne 1-1
34.Mats Grambusch 1-2 (sc)
41.Luis Gill 1-3
45.Thies Prince 1-4
50. Timm heart break 1-5
58. Niklas waves 1-6

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