Germany: Important Victory for Cologne, Mülheim and Flottbek Share the Points

Rot-Weiss Köln won the Volvo ERB top game of the week against UHC Hamburg. In the capital, Berliner HC beats Bremer HC, Mülheim and Großflottbek meanwhile draw. In the last game of the first half of the season, Mannheimer HC crowns a strong season so far and wins against Munich. The match reports:


Rot-Weiss Köln and UHC Hamburg faced off in the Volvo ERB top game of the week on Saturday. Both teams are in second place in their season – last season Cologne won 8:1 at home and 2:3 away.

At the Cologne facility, the spectators initially saw a very hectic game, many duels were fought, the game went back and forth. In the eighth minute, Cologne’s Sophie Prumbaum finished with a backhand from the left, but the ball went wide (8′). Two minutes later, Rebecca Grote played the ball after a free kick to Pia Maertens, who skilfully lobbed the ball directly over two racquets and turned into the circle of shots. A hard blow was repelled, but Prumbaum pushed the follow-up shot between the goalkeeper’s legs to make it 1-0 (10′).

In the second quarter, the defense of the hosts was called upon: the goalkeeper saved several penalty corners in a row and thus held the lead for Cologne. Camille Nobis then made it 2-0 for the Reds and Whites at the other end: a penalty corner was stopped, but Nobis still penetrated the circle from the half-right and took the shot. The shot went half-high into the short corner, goalkeeper Noelle Rother had speculated on a shot into the far corner and was beaten (25′, KE).

The women from Hamburg then came out of the cabin better. An attack down the left side was the goal: Yara Mandel got through in the circle of shots, failed with her first shot, but then converted the second shot and thus scored the important goal for the UHC (33rd). And so it went straight on, the UHC women came into the firing circle via Lena Micheel and Lisa Musci. Musci fired at full speed and was lucky – her backhand shot from the inside right went to the inside of the post and into the goal (36′). The 2:2 equalization after just a few minutes in the second half made the game completely open again.

The third quarter continued to be high-scoring: Katharina Hüls stole the ball from a UHC player who was building her up, and another pass got the ball to Rebecca Grote, who scored her ninth goal of the season (40′) outside the goal. Hamburg took a short corner directly in return, but Maja Sielaff in goal held out. The Cologne offensive remained dangerous in front of the goal: Emma Boermans fired from the air, Sophie Prumbaum converted the rebound with her second goal of the day (44th).

Ten minutes before the end, Pia Maertens made the preliminary decision to make it 5:2. An unchallenged conclusion with the Argentine backhand brought the goal (50th). At this point, UHC Hamburg had nothing to oppose and had to admit defeat in the Volvo ERB top game of the week .

At the start of the second half of the season next April, UHC Hamburg will meet Uhlenhorst Mülheim – indoors they will play against the Hamburger Polo Club on November 26th. Cologne will play the first game of the second half of the season against Düsseldorf in the hall, also on November 26th against Bonn’s THC.

BERLIN HC – BREMEN HC 3: 1 (2: 1)

After a furious victory against the Club an der Alster, the Berliner HC had another home game today. The opponents from Bremen were in fifth place before the game, two points behind Großflottbek.

Berlin put pressure on the guests right from the start. Dressed all in red, Bremen’s women showed up bravely – albeit weakened by substitutes – and attacked early. The spectators saw a very dynamic game in the early minutes in which both teams were looking for a way forward. Marie Frerichs got the shot after eight minutes from a good shooting position, but Anna Kilian saved it and the follow-up shot safely (8th). Bremen followed suit and earned a penalty corner: Kilian also saved the low shot.

Berlin now had nothing more to report in this first section. A bad pass from a defensive player, who lost the ball to Agustina Hasselström completely alone in front of her own goal, during her own build-up, led to the goal being conceded. This slammed the ball directly under the crossbar (12th). But Berlin even equalized before the quarter break: Luzie Franz got the ball played in a circle with his back to goal, turned over his right shoulder and shot the ball into the goal with a backhand scrubber (15th) – the fourth goal of the season for them Berliner.

In the second quarter, Bremen had to withdraw a little, Berlin got stronger and had better chances themselves. A shot by Carlotta Pahlke failed at the side netting (22′). The pressure increased, the guests had to resort to counterattacks to relieve the pressure. After several good actions by the Berlin women, there was another chance to take the lead with a penalty corner: Pauline Kröger turned it flat into the right corner and gave her team the lead before the break (29′, KE).

In the third quarter, the game was a little more balanced than in the first half. But Berlin, in the person of Linnea Weidemann, took the third penalty corner in the third quarter to make it 3-1 for Berliner HC (36′, KE). The Bremen women seemed to have been pulled out of the game, Berlin was much stronger. It was only towards the end of the quarter, or at the beginning of the fourth period, that the guests threw everything in again and kept coming forward through individual actions, which didn’t bring anything. Both teams still had a few chances, but ultimately all of them were unsuccessful. In the end, Berlin deservedly, but with difficulty, won 3:1 against Bremer HC.

Berliner HC will play the first game of the indoor season on November 26th against Mariendorfer HC. On the same day, Bremen also start the indoor season. You meet the HTHC. For the second half of the season in April next year, the BHC women will welcome Mannheimer HC, Bremen will also play there against Harvestehuder THC.


On the last day of the game, the women from Mülheim and the women from Großflottbeker THGC also faced each other. The Hamburg team had already played on Tuesday and drew 1-1 against HTHC. It would also be important for Uhlenhorst Mülheim to collect points again at the end of the first half of the season after three pointless games.

Both teams started bravely and with a lot of action. Both were willing to get into good situations offensively, but both still lacked the solutions to overcome the opposing defence. Großflottbek had a good shot from the left with three minutes remaining, but the ball hit a team-mate. Uhlenhorst Mülheim also came in front of the goal a few seconds before the quarter break, but the cross from the left baseline was not accepted.

A penalty corner gave the hosts the best chance in the second quarter, but the low shot was no problem for the Hamburg goalkeeper (17′). On the other side, Jette Fleschütz had already rounded the goalkeeper after a great solo run, but was then pushed too far and missed getting the ball on goal (20′). Up to the break, the game mainly moved back and forth between the two attacking thirds, but without producing any significant chances to score again. So it went into the dressing room with the 0:0 intermediate score.

It only got better after the restart: First, Fleschütz was fouled after another solo and Großflottbek received a penalty corner (35′). Although this was unsuccessful, the game picked up speed now, because the guests used this phase of pressure to take the lead. Agostina Alonso brought a ball low into the circle after a free hit, Belen Iglesias Marcos extended it decisively and made it 0:1 (38th).

The Mülheim women then tried to equalize and repeatedly ran into the defense of the guests in vain. Großflottbek was defensively strong and stable. Only seven minutes before the end, Mülheim managed to get to the end: Claire Engel had a good shooting position in the middle of the goal, but her backhand scrub, which also missed the goal, was not enough to become dangerous (53.). A short time later there was another opportunity with a penalty corner, but the layoff to publisher Maite Sturm went a meter wide of the goal (57th). Marta Kucharska then saved another corner well, but Maite Sturm converted the follow-up shot to a late but deserved equalizer for Mülheim (58.,KE).

Mülheim and Großflottbek separate 1:1 draw. In the second half of the season in April next year, Mülheim will next meet UHC Hamburg, in the hall they will play RTHC Leverkusen on November 26th. Großflottbek meets Club an der Alster in the hall and then Munich SC in the second half of the season.


The last game of the first half of the season in the women’s Bundesliga was played by Mannheimer HC and Munich SC. These two teams had already faced each other in the quarter-finals of last season. Munich had won a penalty shootout, but Mannheim clearly won the other two games.

The first quarter was balanced on Saturday, with Mannheim having a bit more of the game. In contrast to the guests, the MHC came into the firing circle, but was also unable to become really dangerous. Five minutes before the end of the quarter, Selina Müller made a great save against Aina Lilly Kresken, who actually only had to push in at the far post. Munich was now awake and a little later made it to a penalty corner with the first entry into the circle, but it remained unused (13th). And the MHC women also had such a chance: the top scorer in the league, Stine Kurz, put the ball next to the goal. Kurz stood before the game with ten goals in the current season.  

The hosts were stronger than Munich in the second half as well. The second corner of the game for Mannheim remained unused again, the MSC runner-up was on the spot (23rd). Despite few offensive actions, Munich remained steadfast defensively and kept the goal clean until the break. From a very confusing situation, the Mannheim women scored the opening goal after a good five minutes in the second half. Mannheim had come forward with a long flick, Charlotte Hendrix then dribbled into the circle and dropped it on Charlotte Gerstenhöfer (35′).

A little later, Aina Lilly Kresken increased it to 2:0. Kresken got the ball in a position almost ten meters in the middle of the goal and pulled it off with the Argentine backhand. The ball hit hard next to the post – unstoppable for Selina Müller in goal, who was blocked from view (36th). But then she saved a nice shot from Charlotte Gerstenhöfer brilliantly.

A few seconds before the end of the quarter it was time again: The MHC women increased to 3:0. Lucina von der Heyde put the ball in front of the goal from a half-left position, where Hendrix held the bat in and extended it (45′). Nothing came from Munich after this goal – only the MHC women played. The Munich SC had problems to break free offensively and defensively lucky that Mannheim didn’t play their chances well. Only in the 56th minute did Lucina von der Heyde score again. A flat flick after a penalty corner made it 4:0 (56 ‘KE’). And Munich also scored a goal: After a corner, the ball lay free in front of the goal for too long, allowing Mareike Konsek to dust off and flick the ball into the net (57’KE).

The MHC women will next meet Berliner HC in the second half of the season, indoors they will play Nürnberger HTC on November 26th. On this day, the MSC also has its first game against Feudenheimer HC. On the field, Munich will face Großflottbek next year.”As so often […] absolutely deserved, even if a few percentage points were missing here and there, especially in the first half.”Nicklas Benecke, Mannheimer HC coach

Photo: Stephan Fehrmann (SportsGallery)


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