In the southern long-distance duel for promotion, the vague hopes of the Zehlendorfer wasps were not nourished for a second. In the derby against TC Blau-Weiss, the Berliners fell 2-0 down in the first quarter due to a double strike by Finn Wittenbecher and Karsten Wittig. Although the wasps were still able to turn things around and win 3:2 (1:2) with goals from Paul Westphalen (corner), Robert Juhnke and Lukas Kossel (corner), the Zehlendorfers were able to catch up even while they were catching up little good news from Nuremberg. At HGN, SC Frankfurt struggled for half-time and only went into the break with a 1-0 lead (Magnus Hautzel), but soon after the restart the resistance of the Franconians, who were still fighting to stay up in the league, was exhausted in the midsummer heat . Marc Andre Sawall, Moritz Küppers, Johann Schmidt-Opper (2), Johannes Gans and Brian Philippsen increased the lead of the SC80 to the final score of 7:0. With that, Frankfurt successfully saved the one-point lead over Zehlendorf to the finish.

TuS Lichterfelde was already saved by the HGN defeat. But the Berliners also managed to stay up in the league on their own. The 5:2 (3:2) home win over relegated SC Charlottenburg even put TuSLi in seventh place. Ruben Rödel and Björn Gees had initially ensured a quick 0:2 for the SCC before Björn Daase, Faboian Posselt, Benjamin Schewe, Felix Polomski and Julius Kortenkamp turned the result clearly in favor of the hosts.

TG Frankenthal slipped back to eighth place after beating Wiesbadener THC 1:2 (0:0). The opening goal by Alexander Zurke was not enough to win, Fabius Bonde and Ricardo Huber still turned the result in favor of last year’s promoted team, who finished the season in good sixth place.

For the Stuttgarter Kickers, who were already third, there was a 5:6 defeat at Nuremberg’s HTC. Stuttgart had taken the lead through Loris Grandchamp, but Fredrik Büttner (3), Philipp Lieser, Frederic Wolff and Max Lassen followed up with six NHTC goals, only interrupted once by Sten Brandenstein (to make it 2:4). Only when the score was 2:6 did the Kickers rebel against the defeat and were able to reduce the deficit to 5:6 thanks to Grandchamp (2) and Nicolas Vogt. Nuremberg completes the round in fourth place.

In the north, the long-distance relegation duel between Club Raffelberg and Marienburger SC was the focus on the final day. In the end, the MSC from Cologne emerged as the winner. Marienburg got a point in the home game against the Großflottbeker THGC with the 3:3 (). Mario Weyers, Moritz Wierlemann and Malte Hirtz put Marienburg in the lead three times, Niklas Platteteich (2) and Jakob Hegner each equalized with corners. Raffelberg would have needed at least a draw to save his mini lead of two goals over MSC, who were tied on points. At DSD Düsseldorf there was a 1:3 (0:1) defeat. Although Tobias Prost was able to equalize Felix Deich’s DSD lead, the Duisburg team had no answer against the goals from Daniele Cioli and Len Lucas and had to

As expected, the purely arithmetical chance of staying up in the league was no longer fulfilled for the Braunschweig THC. One of the prerequisites (besides clear defeats by Raffelberg and Marienburg) would have been a win at Klipper Hamburg. That initially looked good for BTHC with a 4-0 half-time lead after goals from Lenn Bertelsmeier, Hannes Ellrott, Moritz Krantz and Erik Mathe. But after the break, the Hanseatic League started to catch up, which led to the 4:4 final score after goals from Peter Kohl, Niklas Weiher, Ferdinand Rüsse and Milan Weber. This makes Klipper the only second division team without a defeat in the second half of the season.

Champion Gladbacher HTC said goodbye to the second division with a 6:2 (2:1) victory over Schwarz-Weiß Neuss. The Cassiem brothers Mustaphaa (3) and Abdud (2), who are moving to the Hoofd class in Holland, once again showed their class in their last appearance in the GHTC jersey, and Jim Schurtzmann also scored. Julian Dettmer (to 1:2) and Philipp Weide (to 2:6) were able to shorten for the guests.

Due to the Neuss defeat, Schwarz-Weiß Köln was able to advance to second place in the final table. The black and white clearly beat their neighbors blue and white in the derby 5:1 (4:0). Manuel Holtmann, Tal Grünberg, Kai Aichinger, Philipp Wenzel and Michael Straub had already turned the result up to 5:0 before Cedric Nagl was able to ensure minimal cosmetic results. At the side of Olympic referee Benjamin Göntgen, referee Christian Ceiling Brock said goodbye to the performance classes after more than 500 Bundesliga appearances.

Photo: SC80

by Hockey Magazine DE

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