Germany: Excitement Until the End in Hamburg – Berlin With a Surprise Win Against Krefeld

Derby madness: The HTHC still turns the game at the Hamburger Polo Club and the CADA narrowly wins against the UHC. Cologne wins clearly in the Volvo ERB top game of the week, Berlin inflicts the first defeat on Krefeld. In addition, Munich and Mülheim draw, TSV Mannheim Hockey wins the basement duel against Düsseldorf. The match reports:


In April 2018 there was the last duel between the Munich SC and Uhlenhorst Mülheim. With a narrow 5:4, Munich won the game, but at the end of the season they had to go to the 2nd Bundesliga, while the Mülheim team were able to celebrate the championship.

In the cold and rainy Bavarian state capital, both teams needed something in the first quarter to get up to speed. A balanced game saw two better chances for the guests, but they were unsuccessful: A shot by Malte Hellwig only hit his own teammate, just before the end of the quarter Hellwig served teammate Henrik Mertgens again, but his lob only went over the goal (13th minute). ).

After 23 minutes, the hosts took the lead again with their first penalty corner and chance of the game: Nikas Berendts’ shot landed in the bottom right corner (23′, KE). But Mülheim’s answer was not long in coming: Hellwig quickly executed a free kick on the edge of the shooting circle, penetrated the circle from the right and brought the cross to the far post to New Zealand’s Harry Miskimmin, who put the ball into the 1-1 Goal blocked (26th).

The third quarter had little offensively significant ready. Both teams rarely found their way in front of the opposing goal, the game developed as close as expected. Towards the end of the section, Mülheim became a bit more dangerous, a penalty corner from Windfeder was saved safely (38′). On the other side, the Munich SC also earned a penalty corner, but it was awarded (43rd). A minute later, however, another attempt was finally successful: Philip Holzmüller with a stab brought the 2:1 lead for the hosts (44th, KE).

The guests from Mülheim struck back right at the beginning of the fourth period: A shot from the turn into the near corner by Moritz Ludwig made it 2:2 (50th). But the promoted team from Munich kept their nerve and Nikas Berendts almost duplicated the first goal to give Munich the lead again (51′, KE). A largely tight and defensively controlled game between the two teams developed into a true offensive spectacle. For a third time, Uhlenhorst Mülheim proved the quality of coming back from a deficit: a trigger in Miskimmin’s fall and the score was 3:3 (55th).  

Despite the best efforts of both teams, the final score remained the same. Münchner SC will face Düsseldorfer HC in an away game next Saturday (September 24, 4:30 p.m.), while Mülheim will play Hamburger Polo Club (September 24, 3:00 p.m.).”That was definitely our weakest performance of the season today, and the fact that we got a point against Mülheim certainly speaks for the quality we have.”Patrick Fritsche, coach Munich SC


Since the game between last year’s finalists Hamburger Polo Club and the reigning champions Rot-Weiss Cologne was not played last weekend, the men of the Hamburger Polo Club have one game less in their legs than today’s opponents of the Harvestehuder THC. There was little respite for the guests in the first few games, a defeat against the Alster club was followed by two narrow victories in Berlin and Munich.

After an initial phase of scanning, the home side got better and better into the game. The logical consequence, the opening goal, came in the eighth minute: Diede van Puffelen won the ball against the defensive midfielder of the HTHC in their build-up game, played around the goalkeeper with a one-two via Constantin Staib and pushed in to make it 1-0 (8th). .

A ball loss by Staib at his own corner flag then cost the polo men the lead: Ntuli countered on the left, brought a backhand cross almost from the center line in front of the home side’s goal, where Luis Holste won the duel with the goalkeeper free in front of the goalkeeper, and put the ball in the Polo Club’s box to make it 1-1 (22′). Just before the half-time whistle, Paul Glander converted a penalty corner to make it 2-1 for Harvestehuder THC (29′, KE).

The Hamburg Polo Club needed a full 15 seconds to equalize after the restart. The attack from the left was completed by Max Silanoglu, an early 2:2 when the guests probably hadn’t really come out of the dressing room (31′). The further course of the quarter also mostly went in the direction of the guest goal – only four minutes later a cross pass was found in front of the goal by Hugo Inglis, who increased the lead for the Hamburger Polo Club to 3:2 (35th).

The final phase then had to offer another phase of pressure from the guests, from which the Hamburger Polo Club was able to break free again and again. Less than three minutes before the end, however, the time had come and HTHC scored the 3:3 equalizer (58th) in the person of Anton Pöhling, who somehow poked the ball into the goal. But that wasn’t the end of it: Harvestehude captured the ball on the quarter line, Maximilian Schlueter shot from the edge of the circle and Luis Holste held his bat in the shot. Niklas Garst couldn’t do anything about the deflected ball in the hosts’ goal, Harvestehude actually came back and turned the game in their favor with this goal (59′).

A game that was exciting until the end ended with a 3:4 away win for Harvestehuder THC. The men of the Hamburger Polo Club will play Uhlenhorst Mülheim in an away game next weekend (September 24, 3:00 p.m.) and the Harvestehuder THC will play Mannheimer HC almost at the same time (September 24, 3:15 p.m.).


The last meeting between the two teams ended with a 1:0 for the club on the Alster, the goal scorer at that time – Moritz Schnepel. And even today, in one of the numerous Hamburg derbies, Schnepel should play a very decisive role.

Only after more than ten minutes did the club on the Alster come up with a noteworthy attack, but goalkeeper Moritz Bretschneider was there (12′). Up to this point, the two teams only managed to do something offensively due to mistakes made by the opponent. A minute before the end of the quarter, UHC Hamburg had another chance with a penalty corner, but the direct shot was missed (15′).

Right at the beginning of the second quarter, Florian Sperling got a shot with the Argentine backhand, but Thomas Alexander in the goal of the club on the Alster made a spectacular save (32nd). The second attempt after a penalty corner for UHC Hamburg was successful: Despite the exit being blocked, Michel Struthoff still got the shot, which was deflected by a bat from an Alster player and gave Alexander no chance to defend himself in goal (25′, KE). On the other side, Alster missed the chance to use a short corner to equalize (28′).

After the restart, UHC even went ahead with two goals: After a nice change of ends, Struthoff had too much space and got a shot from the right – CADA goalkeeper Thomas Alexander didn’t look good with this shot (32′). The offensive section of the hosts then had a lot of space just a few minutes later. Federico Fernandez Onega put his backhand right in the middle of the circle to Struan Walker, who hit Jack Heldens, who was able to overcome the already beaten goalkeeper (37′). The first goal was not enough for this period, a free kick for Alster was quickly played as a pass into the circle of shots, where Struan Walker only had to accept it and hit it with a quick backhand shot into the far corner to make it 2-2 (42nd).

In a very respectable final quarter, the club on the Alster was actually able to turn the game around: A penalty corner from Max Schnepel, which goalkeeper Bretschneider unluckily let slip through, made it 3-2 for the home side (56′, KE). If the 28-year-old defender had already decided the duel between the two teams with his goal last season, he also scored the important winning goal for the club on the Alster today.        

Next weekend, the club on the Alster will meet Crefelder HTC (September 24, 2:00 p.m.) and UHC Hamburg in a home game against TSV Mannheim Hockey (September 24, 12:00 p.m.).


The Berliner HC, with three points from the first three games, was looking to finally collect more points in the home game against the newly promoted team from Krefeld. They last faced each other in a competitive game almost two years ago – Berlin emerged victorious and Krefeld were relegated from the 1st Bundesliga at the end of the season. But since their resurgence, Crefelder HTC has been the team of the moment, having won all three games of the season.

Both teams initially had problems building up the game, Berlin was defensively secure, while Krefeld recorded more of the game and more possession of the ball, but remained unimaginative. However, the BHC also found no offensive way against the man coverage of the Krefeld team, so it was 0-0 until the half-time break. A game at eye level, full of duels and at this point still without goals.

But Berlin started the second half furiously: a backhand shot by Marian Klink and the first correct scene in this half led to a goal – the 1-0 for the hosts (31st). Krefeld received a penalty corner three minutes after going behind, but didn’t use it to equalize (34′). Another opportunity in the 39th minute went just over the goal of Jonathan Klages (39th).

After three minutes in the last quarter, Crefeld’s HTC equalized, which was okay at that point in the game. Striker Nicolas Acosta scored from under Klages to make it 1-1 for the guests (48′). For Berlin, however, there was another chance to put the home side ahead: Captain Paul Dösch converted a seven-meter shot into the bottom left corner to make it 2-1 (51st). Several penalty corners shortly before the end brought the Berliner HC the decision. Again it was Dösch who kept his nerve and scored the goal (58′, KE).

A 3:1 victory for Berlin and the first points that Crefelder HTC dropped in this Bundesliga season. The men from Berlin meet Rot-Weiss Cologne next Saturday (September 24th, 12:00 p.m.), Crefeld’s HTC will be opponents of the club on the Alster (September 24th, 2:00 p.m.).


TSV Mannheim Hockey versus Düsseldorfer HC. Both teams had successfully contested the play-down games in the pre-season and secured relegation against Nuremberg and Frankfurt. Despite good performances, neither team has a point on their account this season – so a win today could give both teams the boost they need to start the season better.

Leandro Tolini, Argentina national team player for TSV Mannheim Hockey, started his day as a penalty corner shooter after just three minutes with a powerful shot into the bottom left corner (3′, KE). A perfect start for the home side, the early deficit for the guests from Düsseldorf. In a half that was tight and balanced for long stretches, but at the same time a bit lengthy, the home fans of Mannheim were able to cheer their Argentinian star a second time shortly before the break whistle: Tolini’s shot was an almost identical version of the first goal from Düsseldorf goalkeeper didn’t have a chance again (26′, KE).

Tolini’s corner show continued in the second half, this time he hit the center with a very hard shot through the legs of goalkeeper Anton Zickler (35′, KE). Immediately in return, DHC also took a penalty corner, the first of the guests in this game: a left deposit via Fabio Schütze found its way into the goal (35′, KE) – the direct answer from Düsseldorf.

After a little less than 40 minutes of play, TSV Mannheim Hockey showed that they were capable of scoring today even without Tolini’s corners. A nice attack carried out down the right flank was completed by Vitus Thoma (38′). But Tolini didn’t seem finished either, another goal in the left corner made it 5:1 for TSV Mannheim Hockey (41′, KE). A minute later, Nicolas Proske increased the score to 6:1 (42nd).

In the next Mannheim game, the men will face UHC Hamburg (September 24, 12:00 p.m.) and the Düsseldorf men will play at Munich SC (September 24, 4:30 p.m.).


For the Volvo ERB top game of the week and at the same time the last game of the day, Mannheimer HC received the guests from Cologne. They were suspended last Sunday after winning at Club an der Alster on Saturday. Mannheim was surprisingly inferior to Crefelder HTC on Saturday, but reacted strongly and easily defeated Uhlenhorst Mülheim 4:1.

The initial phase was still characterized by a few bad passes and the scanning of both teams. Cologne tried calmly from a three-man structure to combine forwards. Meanwhile, Mannheim has not found a way through the defense of the Cologne team, who are dressed all in white. A penalty corner after about eight minutes created the best opportunity for Cologne to date – and they promptly took advantage of the opportunity. Tom Grambusch, who had to stop the poorly-played corner himself, passed the ball to Elian Mazkour, who shot the ball low through the legs of goalkeeper Lukas Stumpf (8′, KE). The visitors had a great chance just before the final whistle, but Mazkour’s backhand shot hit the post. Good luck to the Mannheimers in this scene, because goalkeeper Stumpf had nothing to complain about against this strong shot (12th). And it continued a short time later, Mannheim defensively far too inattentive, let Cologne bring a free kick into the circle, where Thies Prinz only had to hold the bat in the cross and deflected the ball so untenably to 0: 2 (14th). .

A very strong performance by the reigning champions from Cologne continued before the break: Mannheim was clearly inferior and couldn’t find a way to get into their own ball possession phases against the combinations from Cologne. Instead, the guests even increased to 0:3. Mannheim let Mazkour finish freely in the firing circle, whose Argentinian backhand hit the top corner unstoppably (25′). Only then did Mannheim seem to have really woken up, a penalty corner first hit the post and then the follow-up shot hit the body of a Cologne defender (28′). Gonzalo Peillat converted the penalty kick against Vincent Vanasch, although goalkeeper Vanasch was even on the ball with his bat (28′).

But the MHC was not granted a comeback: Immediately after the restart, the guests countered on the left side, using Prinz and Mazkour together. The cross with the backhand from Thies Prinz found Mazkour again, who in the meantime had gotten into the circle of the shot without being picked up by a Mannheim defender. Mazkour took out a seven-meter penalty for Cologne, which Christopher Ruhr turned into the top left corner (31st).

Mannheim then took control of the game and for the first time really had the game under control, Cologne retreated into their own half and remembered to defend, Vincent Vanasch made a few strong saves and held on to the lead. In the last quarter, the Mannheimers had once again created a few circle situations through high pressing, but no further goals were to be scored. Two minutes before the end, substitute national goalkeeper Jean Danneberg, who had switched from Mannheim to Cologne, was able to distinguish himself in a duel with corner shooter Peillat.  

A totally deserved 1:4 victory for the guests from Cologne, in which the Mannheim men had little to complain about. Mannheimer HC will play Harvestehuder THC next Saturday (September 24, 3:15 p.m.) and Rot-Weiss Köln will face Berliner HC (September 24, 12:00 p.m.).

Photo: HOCKEYLIGA eV / Hans Kramhöller (SportsGallery)

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