Foreign competitions: hockey is still played in Belgium

Now that our own competition has come to a halt, we are doing a tour of the fields in other countries. What about Dutch hockey players abroad? A look at the Belgian competition with Bob de Voogd, Valerie Magis, Roos Knijff and Milan van Baal among others.

The hockey competition continues in Belgium. However, the rules were tightened at the end of last week at our southern neighbors. The clubhouses are still open, but the bars and / or restaurants are closed for at least a month. A maximum of 200 spectators are also welcome at a club. All this on top of the rules that already applied: wearing mouth masks, keeping a meter and a half away, closed changing rooms and not driving together. At the end of this week there will be another press conference in Belgium, then the sports protocol will be looked at. Whether this has further consequences for hockey is still unknown.

Royal Victory (D)

The ladies of Royal Victory have quite a few Dutch in their selection. We all know the name of Lieke Hulsen, of course, but the trainer duo (Martin van de Rakt and Lex Haring) also comes from the Netherlands. Bente Möschner, Lotte Kleijnen (both former Tilburg) and Kim van Roosmalen (former MOP) also play in Antwerp.

The team defeated Leopold 4-1 on Sunday-afternoon. That is the fourth victory for the team this season. There was lost twice. Victory is in fourth place, but has to make up two more matches. The first time to catch up is Wednesday evening when the team plays against Wellington. On Sunday, the selection of Van de Rakt will meet the leader Gantoise.

Dragons (D)

The latest Dutch addition to Dragons is Roos Knijff. The goalkeeper comes over from SCHC, where she was supposed to defend the goal last season, but then she tore her cruciate ligaments. Valerie Magis and Fleur Broers have already been part of the selection. The team won 3-1 against Racing on Sunday afternoon. Brothers accounted for the second goal. That is the fifth win of the season. Three times there was lost. This puts the team in second place in the Belgian league.

Braxgata (H)

Bob de Voogd plays in the selection of Braxgata. On Sunday he won 6-2 against the still scoreless Old Club. De Voogd scored the fifth goal. That victory was necessary: ​​Braxgata lost three times in a row. This weekend the team will play against Leopold, the number three in the rankings. A challenge for De Voogd, who camps with his team in ninth place.

Royal Antwerp (H)

Milan van Baal is doing well at his new club Royal Antwerp – the club that Maartje Paumen once played for – in Belgium. Where he scored continuously for Black & White last season, he also succeeded in Antwerp. On Sunday afternoon, however, he lost with his team to Waterloo (6-2). That is the third loss in a row for Royal Antwerp. The team is in tenth place in the Belgian hockey league. Herakles awaits this weekend, where Van Baal and his teammates have to achieve results.

The selection of Royal Antwerp, top row second from the right Milan van Baal. Photo: Royal Antwerp


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