Euro Champs Day 7: Germany reaches the final at the expense of England

Germany has reached the final of the European Championship on Day 7 in Amstelveen. The team was 3-2 too strong for England in the semi-finals. It is the first final for the Germans since 2015 in which the Netherlands lost 6-1. The Orange Men will also be Germany’s opponent in the final battle next Saturday. Earlier in the day, France and Spain won their matches in Group C.

This time the devil was not in the tail, but in the beginning of the game. Four of the five goals were made in the first fifteen minutes. The Germans kept the margin of two until the penultimate minute when Sam Ward determined the final score from a penalty corner at 3-2.

lightning start

Germany had a lightning start in the first semi-final of the seventh match day at the European Championship. After 48 seconds, the team got the first penalty corner of the game, which was immediately cashed in by Martin Häner, the day before yesterday the executioner of the French in the third and last group match. Good example followed, as Adam Dixon pushed the first English penalty corner against the plank. After four minutes it was already 1-1.

Day 7: Niklas Wellen fantastically scores the 3-1 for Germany by lifting the ball over the English goalkeeper Oliver Payne during the semi-final battle of the European Championship in Amstelveen. Photo: ANP/Koen Suyk
Niklas Wellen fantastically scores the 3-1 for Germany by lifting the ball over the English goalkeeper Oliver Payne during the semi-final battle of the European Championship in Amstelveen. Photo: ANP/Koen Suyk

That tie was not on the board for long. Germany took the lead again via a penalty corner. Goalkeeper Oliver Payne initially saved on Häner’s push, but the rebound was caught and a short pass followed to Martin Zwicker: 1-2.

Before the end of the first quarter, the Germans increased the lead to 1-3. Niklas Wellen outsprinted two English defenders. He then decided not to round Payne, but to put the ball over the goalkeeper in the goal. At that time, Germany was ten because of a green card to Tobias Hauke. A blunder at the back of England was punished by Christopher Rühr, but the celebration of the 4-1 was canceled.

Matching goal

After the break, England increased the pressure, but beyond two corners and a shot that was saved by goalkeeper Alexander Stadler, the offensive did not yield in the third quarter. Four minutes before the end, goalkeeper Payne was taken off the field for an extra field player. Sam Ward then narrowed the deficit to 3-2, but due to a green card for Zachary Wallace, an exciting final minute fell into the water.

England-Germany 2-3 (1-3)
1′ Martin Häner 0-1 (sc)
4′ Adam Dixon 1-1 (sc)
9′ Martin Zwicker 1-2 (sc)
13′ Niklas Wellen 1-3
59′ Sam Ward 2-3 (sc)

Netherlands*-Belgium 2-2
35′ Nicolas de Kerpel 0-1
52′ Seve van Ass 1-1
53′ Alexander Hendrickx 1-2 (sc)
56′ Jip Janssen 2-2 (sc)

* Netherlands wins after shoot-outs 3-1

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Spain has no child in Wales

The Spaniards already took an advance on the victory in the first quarter. After eleven minutes, the score was 3-0 after goals from Joan Tarres, Pau Quemada, from a penalty corner, and Xavi Lleonart.

Just before half time, Wales did something back via Joylon Morgan, after David Alegre lifted Spain’s lead to 4-0. With his second goal of the game, Alegre brought the difference back to four in the third quarter and in the last minute Marc Miralles determined the final score at 6-1.

Spain-Wales 6-1 (4-1)
8′ Joan Tarres 1-0
10′ Pau Quemada 2-0 (sc)
11′ Xavi Lleonart 3-0
19′ David Alegre 4-0
30′ Joylon Morgan 4-1
43 David Alegre 5-1
60′ Marc Miralles 6-1

Party with the Spaniards after the 6-1 win over Wales during the European Championship in Amstelveen. Photo: Willem Vernes

Russia kills itself against France

Both Russia and France had lost their first three matches at this European Championship. In order to even have a chance at fifth place and therefore a World Cup ticket, only a victory counted. The three points eventually ended up with Jeroen Delmée’s team.

The Russians had themselves to blame for the defeat. All goals conceded were conceded by the team. In particular, the yellow card for Semen Matkovskiy in the fourth quarter killed Russia. In three minutes the French scored three times and so the score went from 4-3 in favor of Russia to 4-6 for France. That sixth goal was made by Pieter van Straaten, his fourth goal of the tournament. It was the decision in the game in which the final chord was for the Russian Linar Fatakhov.

Russia-France 5-6 (2-2)
9′ Marat Khairullin 1-0 (sc)
17′ Artem Nadyrshin 2-0
20′ Blaise Rogeau 2-1
25′ Victor Charlet 2-2 (sc)
33′ Evgeny Artemov 3 -2
36′ Alexander Skiperskiy 4-2 (sc)
37′ Timothée Clément 4-3
53′ Victor Charlet 4-4 (sc)
54′ Blaise Rogeau 4-5
55′ Pieter van Straaten 4-6
58′ Linar Fattakhov 5- 6

Pieter van Straaten (Fra) celebrates his goal with which he brought the score to 4-6 in the European Championship match between Russia and France. Photo: ANP/Koen Suyk

State of play Pool C

Item.CountryWGVIn front ofAgainstPtn

Program Friday 11 June

half past elevenIreland-EnglandLadies
4:00 pmNetherlands -BelgiumLadies

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