England- Laura Roper Crowned 2023 Player of the Year by the Hockey Writers’ Club

We are delighted to announce that Laura Roper has been honoured as the 2023 Player of the Year by the Hockey Writers’ Club. This prestigious accolade recognises Laura’s outstanding contributions to field hockey and her continued excellence in the sport.

With 344 caps to her name, Roper has established herself as a formidable force in hockey, excelling in both midfield and defensive positions. Her career, representing East Grinstead, is marked by historic achievements, including being the first hockey player, regardless of gender, to win medals at three different Olympic Games. This remarkable feat underscores her status as the most accomplished hockey Olympian of all time from Great Britain, while still vigorously competing for a spot in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, demonstrating her relentless drive and commitment to the sport

In addition to her Olympic success, Laura has been a strong advocate for the significance of the Commonwealth Games in hockey, reflecting her deep involvement and influence in the sport beyond her personal achievements.

The Hockey Writers’ Club, renowned for its discerning judgment, has rightly acknowledged Laura’s significant impact on the game. This award celebrates not only her individual successes but also her pivotal role in inspiring teammates and captivating fans across the globe.

“It is an absolute honour to receive this prestigious award. When you look back at past winners and now to be able to join them it is something I’m incredibly proud of,” said Laura.

“I wouldn’t have won this award without my incredible team mates at both GB/England and EG. They are the reason I continue to enjoy playing the game.” 

“To win EGs first premier league title last season and having just qualified for Paris Olympics with GB are the two most standout memories over the last 12 months. They both also go down as some of my proudest hockey achievements to date. It is a hugely exciting period of hockey coming up both domestically and internationally and hopefully I can be part of creating some more special memories with my team mates.” She continued.

Laura’s journey in hockey, characterised by strategic acumen, agility, and technical expertise, has earned her widespread respect and admiration. Her consistent high-level performances, especially under immense pressure, distinguish her as a true icon of the sport.

As Laura Roper continues to vie for her place in the Paris 2024 Olympics, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on her well-deserved recognition as the 2023 Player of the Year. Her story is one of unwavering determination, hard work, and dedication, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere.

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