England: England Hockey and Great Britain Hockey Social Media Community Guidelines

We use social media to share news about our work as an organisation, or that of our partners and to engage with our community. We also share information and communicate with those in the broader sport and physical activity sector.  

It’s important our social media spaces are a respectful place for the community to have discussions and share their insights, comments or questions. 

As an organisation, we’re guided by our shared values: 

We collaborate inclusively: 

  • We allow everyone to bring their whole self to work and play  
  • We champion diversity of thought to find the best solutions for hockey  
  • We embrace differences and encourage contribution 

We care for people and places  

  • We ensure that hockey is a place of psychological and physical safety  
  • We always consider our impact  
  • We value everyone and protect our environment 

We play with spirit and win with grace  

  • We enjoy what we do and want everyone in hockey to do likewise  
  • We respect the rules of engagement and challenge with courtesy  
  • We bring the positivity and energy of hockey to every space we enter 

We’re resilient in everything we do  

  • We are open minded and adaptable  
  • We support each other to be successful  
  • We believe in our purpose and in the impact of hockey 

We want our social media channels to reflect these values that we uphold as an organisation. To make this possible, we ask that you follow the guidelines below while interacting on our social media channels: 

Be Kind and Friendly  

Do not discriminate or promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or other. No abusive, offensive, or rude language will be tolerated. Content and perpetrators that discriminate or contain inappropriate language will be removed.  

Be Respectful  

Be respectful of others and their opinions at all times. Make sure that everyone feels safe. Don’t make personal attacks in your comments. Do not post content that could be seen to be defamatory, libelous, obscene, inflammatory, offensive, harassing, abusive, hateful, threatening, profane or personally abusive. There are humans behind the accounts that post, like, comment and share in relation to the England Hockey and GB Hockey accounts. Recommendations are welcome, abusive content is not. 

No promotion or spam 

Direct advertising posts and spam (repetitive, off-topic, irrelevant) are not permitted. Spam content and perpetrators will be reported to the platform and removed. If you see a spam comment – often people commenting broadcasting links to ice hockey streams – please report it to the platform. This will help us keep our posts free from spam information. 

Follow platform guidelines  

Don’t breach any of the terms of any of the social media platforms themselves. This includes not posting sexually explicit or violent material. 

Remember that our social media team are humans too 

Please be kind and respectful to them, as well as individuals from our hockey community. Posts not adhering to our community guidelines may be removed or reported, and users repeatedly posting content falling outside of our guidelines may be banned from participation in our online communities.   

If you see something that goes against these guidelines, you’re welcome to send us a direct message. We always offer alternative ways of contacting us.

Our social media channels are are monitored daily all year round. If you have questions, need support, or guidance we will respond between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.  

by England Hockeyl

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