EHTV+ the ground-breaking ecosystem for club hockey in Europe

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The European Hockey Federation in conjunction with our stakeholder partners Recreational International Systems (RSI) and Scorrd is delighted to launch EHTV+. The EHTV+ project has been in development for the last year. The brainchild of likeminded committed entities in hockey in Europe (The European Hockey Federation, RSI, Scorrd, Team TV, Studio Hockey and Hockey Filmpje) have come together to find a solution to showcase our clubs.

The EHF Director-General, Angus Kirkland said:
Today we formally launch the EHTV+ collaboration and we are delighted to invite our leagues and clubs from all over Europe to consider just how this great team of stakeholders (The EHF, RSI and Scorrd) can deliver something unique for our sport. We want to find the answer to the elusive question around how to professionalize our sport.

EHTV (EuroHockeyTV.org) is the EHF’s OTT video platform and has over 100,000 subscribers who are looking for more high-quality hockey but on a more regular basis. Club hockey is the beating heart of hockey in Europe and with thousands of club games happening every week from September until May, it was logical for us to look for solutions to help our clubs to showcase themselves.”

Recreational Systems International
 (RSI) is a proud Innovative, sustainable, conceptual and hockey-passionate infrastructure partner of the EHF. Within the EHTV+ project, RSI supplies the first smart & high-quality automatic camera system (capturing 4k images) and its AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven software for live streaming, broadcasting, highlights, and analysis, specially provided to capture the best insights of our sport.

Business Manager Bart van den Acker said:

We are very excited about our fantastic developments between the entire hardware and software combination and the enormous capabilities of the entire EHTV+ solution, it will definitely give our sport its necessary boost in terms of Fan Engagement for Club Hockey!

Sven Böhne, Partner, Scorrd added:

In Scorrd we’re passionate about communities. We love to find ways to connect people through innovative and cool content. We believe that EHTV+ is a perfect match for us as this important Ecosystem is being brought towards the clubs. It is crucial for our clubs to improve and professionalize their internal organization and to increase monetizing opportunities.

EHTV+ is made for and by hockey-people and I am delighted that Scorrd is a stakeholder of this game-changing project for hockey. Within the EHTV+ project, Scorrd becomes the central community platform for the clubs and the leagues all around Europe.

Scorrd will also stream all youth and non-honour/top-division games as well as highlights of all matches of the clubs. Showcasing club sponsors and engaging with club members with features like the well-known Scorrd Fantasy games.

In addition to the stakeholders, the EHF has partnered with Team TV, our software provider, aligned with RSI, to ensure that we can capture the data from the AI cameras.

Hockey Filmpje is the biggest social media specialist in hockey, they will create the clips we love on social media, showcasing the unique skills in our game of hockey.

Furthermore, Studio Hockey will create a weekly video magazine about our top hockey leagues with highlights, insights, and interviews with our hockey heroes.

Angus Kirkland concluded “We believe that this brilliant collaboration will bring you high-quality (4k) cameras, powered by AI, video analysis tools for all, automated highlights, a weekly video magazine and a full digital content plan for social media.” “It offers clubs the ability to bring our sport to the next level and not just for the top teams! With the live streaming options, clubs can ensure that grandparents who can’t always make it to the club, never miss a game of their grandkids!”

“In short, the goal of EHTV+ is to make our clubs stronger because they are the foundation of our game of hockey in Europe.”

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