Alexander Cox Returns To Hockey

Alexander Cox has been confirmed as the new Head Coach of Amsterdam men.

The former Kampong coach will succeed Santi Freixa, who was told just before Christmas that the club would not renew his contract due to a run of poor results.

“We have not judged Santi on seven games. There are too few to draw any conclusions”, said Amsterdam HC board member Klaas Veering at the time about the Spaniard’s departure. “We mainly see, structurally, that we have to take a big step to join the top. We expect that a different coach is needed for that.”

That ‘other coach’ has thus become Cox, who has been confirmed as Head Coach of Amsterdam, having signed a two-year contract. Remarkable because the former Kampong coach (two national titles won and one EHL victory) said he finished hockey last summer and started a new company with his brother Robert-Jan. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, that company has been heavily impacted, meaning Cox is now returning to the sport.

Alexander Cox Klaas Veering scaled 1200x600 1613727339 - Alexander Cox Returns To Hockey - Alexander Cox has been confirmed as the new Head Coach of Amsterdam men.

“We are very happy with Alexander’s arrival in Amsterdam,” Klaas Veering says in the Amsterdam press release. “His drive and ability to further build a team and allow it to excel fit perfectly with the ambitions we have.”

Return to the top

The 43-year-old Cox continues to build on what Freixa has achieved in Amsterdam. According to the press release, the goal is to allow the talented young group to grow further as a team.

Also, Cox will work with the team on a recognisable playing style to participate at the top of the Tulp Major League. ‘I think it is an honour to return to hockey as coach of Amsterdam,’ says Cox. ‘The ambitions of the club really appeal to me, and the potential within the entire club is present to be able to realise these together.

I look forward to next season and wish Santi and his staff every success this current season. ‘

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