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The Cassie Campbell field is an integral part to the Brampton field hockey community and will set the stage for the 2023 National Championships

The Cassie Campbell Community Centre in Brampton, Ontario opened its water-based turf field in 2013. This facility has not only become a hub for the local field hockey community but has also gained national recognition as a quality venue for major field hockey events, such as this year’s U16 and U18 National Championships.  

In its inaugural year, the water-based turf field played host to two high-level events that showcased its capabilities on the national and international stage. The field proudly served as the venue for the 2013 Men’s Pan American Cup, attracting top-tier athletes from across the Americas. Additionally, it hosted the Men’s and Women’s U16 National Championships.  

Building on its early success, the Cassie Campbell field continued to host National level competitions. In 2015, it welcomed the U16 Men’s and Women’s National Championships and in 2016, it hosted the U18 Women’s National Championships. This further demonstrated its ability to accommodate Canada’s most promising young athletes and provide them with a world-class playing surface. 

Aside from its success hosting national and international events, the water-based turf also serves as a home field for many clubs within the Brampton community.  

Suhkvir Gill, a member of the Brampton Field Hockey Club since 2001, said that the Cassie Campbell field is considered home for many clubs within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Brampton Field Hockey Club, Lions Field Hockey Club, Canadian Field Hockey and Cultural Club, Hawks Field Hockey Club, and United Brothers Field Hockey Club are among the clubs that call this local field home.  

Gill believes that tournaments at this field are important to the field hockey community because they bring the community together and help keep youth in sport and out of bad life situations. 

Every tournament is for the community. We are here to support field hockey. We bring in kids and youth to the community to keep them away from bad stuff,” Gill said.  

The Lions Field Hockey Club originally formed in 1974, believes that field hockey is more than a game, serving as a place to create lasting friendships and a sense of community. Their annual Lions Cup tournament, now in its ninth year, bringing together players from near and far for a celebration of the sport, took place this year on July 7-9.  

Satpal Singh is a member of the Lions Field Hockey Club. He served as an umpire during the Men’s Pan American Cup at the Cassie Campbell turf field in 2013 According to Singh, tournaments are important within the local community for exposure of local talent as well as growing the sport outside of the direct community.  

Exposure to local talent in a comparative tone. It is really good for coaches to see good competition and athletes,” Singh said. In addition to the fact that, “It attracts competition from outside the community to grow the sport.” 

The Lions Cup was a competitive tournament with food, music, and community, creating the atmosphere of a festival.

Big tournaments such as the Lions Cup, attract players from across the country and the globe.  

Jagroop Singh, a member of the Lions Field Hockey club for 30 years, recalls that in the past the Lions Cup has attracted teams from Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad and Cuba. 

Jagroop notes his favourite memory at the Cassie Campbell Field was in that first year. 

“The Men’s Pan Am Cup without a doubt, I served as a Tournament Director at the Cup,” Jagroop Singh answers.   

The Cassie Campbell Field has served the Brampton field hockey community for 10 years. It has attracted national, international and local talent, and serves as a space to promote the growth of field hockey in Ontario. From July 25-30 and August 8-13, the Cassie Campbell Field will welcome twenty-two teams from six provinces and once again be the stage for young field hockey talent. 

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