Raoul Ehren’s proteges continue to prepare meticulously for the German Euro in August. And the Pro League serves as an ideal playground for them to take care of the details and garner maximum confidence.

A fter their flawless performance at the last stage of the Pro League, in London ten days ago, will the Belgian players be able to continue their momentum during the next two meetings of the competition, organized in Antwerp? This is obviously the goal of the Panthers, who will aim this Friday (8:40 p.m.), a fifth consecutive success against Australia.

A first duel scheduled against the third nation in the world which will allow us to continue the substantive work undertaken in recent months. “The main objective is obviously that we can still improve certain details, while maintaining the same level of play for sixty minutes”, warns Barbara Nelen, one of the three co-captains. “We still have to make a tactical adjustment, both defensively in our 25, but also offensively. We need to be able to read the game better and react more optimally in all circumstances. We defend really well, but if our opponents analyze the videos perfectly, there are still holes. And we can’t leave any more. »

More open to criticism

During the four games against Australia and New Zealand, the Belgian players will be keen to display the same maturity in front of their supporters, and above all this control of the game which has been their strength for a month. Their management of emotions seems more mastered than ever, as confirmed by the Ghent metronome.

“We are indeed much stronger mentally. And we must maintain this same state of mind in the coming weeks. We have undertaken mental work with two specialized coaches who have joined the staff in recent months. Raoul Ehren had worked with them in Den Bosch and the results are excellent, whether during group or individual sessions. And I think that aspect is really essential. In 2012, before the London Olympics, we worked with Alain Goudsmet and that allowed us to develop and bond in an incredible way. There really is something special about this group. We are much more open to criticism and everyone finally dares to say things to each other. »

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A podium in the Pro League

The Red Panthers therefore have the ambition to achieve a new full card in these first four games in Antwerp. Enough to climb further in the standings in the competition, where they occupy fourth place with 17 points collected in eight games. “Our goal is always to win every game, even if we don’t always play very well,” concludes Barbara Nelen.

“We have to approach each match as if it were a final and give everything to impose ourselves. Without neglecting the importance of development and progression. Australia are very strong tactically and offer a physical game. I’m curious to see how we’re going to behave against a team like this. It’s been a while since we’ve faced her. We want to finish on the podium at the end of this Pro League, but above all continue to have fun on the pitch. »

A recipe that seems to have worked wonderfully for three weeks…

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Calendrier Pro League – Red Panthers

June 16 at 8:40 p.m.: Belgium – Australia (Antwerp)

June 18 at 2:10 p.m.: Belgium – New Zealand (Antwerp)

June 19 at 8:40 p.m.: Belgium – Australia (Antwerp)

June 21 at 6.10 p.m.: Belgium – New Zealand (Antwerp)

1 July at 2.10 p.m.: Belgium – Netherlands (Antwerp)

2 July at 4.40 p.m.: Belgium – United States (Antwerp)

4 July at 6.10 p.m.: Belgium – Netherlands (Antwerp)

5 July at 8.40 p.m.: Belgium – United States (Antwerp)

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