Belgium: Faultless for Leopold and Racing

The two Uccle clubs retain the lead in the Honor Division after their third success in a row. A first day of competition in the evening during which the Dragons suffered, for its part, a surprise defeat at Herakles.

The poster for this 3rd day of competition in the men’s Honor Division took place in Walloon Brabant where the Waterloo Ducks absolutely had to recover after 2 consecutive defeats at the start of the championship against a Leopold team already very sharp after their 2 first outings. Unfortunately, it started in the worst possible way for the local team who conceded a first goal in the 2nd minute of play. Tom Boon converted a stroke and did justice after a foul by Victor Charlet.

The people of Brussels, with Gauthier Boccard and Elliot Van Strydonck, back in their old club, were well in their match and in the 24th minute, Tom Boon already scored his 10th goal of the season by demonstrating all his opportunism and his skill in the circle by deceiving, in reverse, Simon Vandenbroucke. The score at the break was therefore logical even if the Brabançons had obtained one or the other possibility.

In the 56th minute, Victor Charlet reduced the gap from the penalty spot and gave hope to his supporters but, less than 60 seconds later, Arthur Verdussen allowed Leo to catch some air and keep his 2-goal lead. at the scorer. 10 minutes from the final whistle, Gaspard Baumagarten took a yellow card for a faulty slide tackle (10 minutes). A situation that allowed the local team to take advantage of a numerical advantage for the end of the game. The Watducks pushed and a powerful sleep from Victor Charlet ended its race on the crossbar. But on the following penalty, the captain of the France team reduced the score with a powerful send-off and offered himself a double (2-3). And despite a last good chance for Tommy Willems, the score did not move.

Thanks to this 3rd success in a row, the Léo who consolidates his 1st place in the general classification alongside Racing, the other last undefeated team in DH. On the other hand, for the Brabançons, the situation is even more complicated with this 3rd consecutive loss and they will therefore have to imperatively correct the situation, Sunday, again at home, against Daring (12:30 p.m.).

Other encounters…

Racing – Orée: 3-1.There were many regrets after the final whistle for Steve Crauwels’ proteges, well aware that they could have scored a good blow during their visit to the reigning Belgian champions. But in the end, it is the Ucclois who also remain undefeated in the league and who sign a 3rd consecutive victory. It was also Philippe Simar who, at the quarter of an hour, gave the visitors the lead from the penalty spot. But Tanguy Cosyns did not have to be asked to equalize 9 minutes, also on pc as usual. The Red Lions striker struck again after the break and finally gave his side the lead (38th). And while the visitors tried to sound the revolt but lacked bite in the closing zone,

Herakles – Dragons : 3-0.While the Brasschaat club, still deprived of its captain Felix Denayer, finally seemed to have made a convincing start in the league, it fell back into its ways against an opponent who had been moribund since the resumption. But the Lierrois regained their footing at the best time by offering a solid defensive structure and striking at the right times. From the 4th minute, Antoine Igau sounded the start with a fanfare of his colors. It was then Dylan Thomas who doubled the score. The atmosphere was electric but the local team remained well focused on its subject. And, in the 40th minute, it was finally Nicolas De Kerpel who sat the first success of Herakles in this competition. The Dragons did not give up but the players of Craig Fulton could not reverse the trend.

Uccle Sport – Daring : 1-2.Important success for the Molenbeekois visiting the Ucclois graduates. A duel with the maintenance in the background and therefore the importance of pocketing the entire stake. On the first penalty, Juan Ignacio Amoroso gave the lead to the locals (9th) who dominated the exchanges in the first period. But on returning from the locker room, the face of the exchanges was quite different and Alex Van Linthoudt equalized (41st). And it was finally Manu Brunet who allowed the visitors to emerge on a somewhat confused phase of the game.

Louvain – Braxgata: 0-3.The Antwerpers confirm that they will have to be reckoned with in the fight for the Top 4 this season. A serious performance from the group of Philippe Goldberg who negotiated this match well and who scored when necessary with goals from Ben Walker (2) and Tobias Biekens following a penalty.

Ghent – ​​Old Club: 8-1.The Flandriens did not go into detail during the visit of the promoted. A heavy success in numbers with goals from Charles Masson, Roman Duvekot (2), Luke Madeley (2), Guillaume Hellin (2) and Timothée Clément. Tom Dawance saved the honor for the Liégeois.

By Laurent Toussaint Published on 09/16/2022 at 23:25 Reading time: 4 mins

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