Bad news for Belgium as they lose their 3rd EHL ticket

The last results gathered by our representatives were not sufficient to keep 3 representatives. In the Ladies, on the other hand, the Belgians will be competing for the very first time in the prestigious European competition

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BRASSCHAAT Euro Hockey League Ranking Cup 2021 Rot-Weiss Köln – KHC Dragons Picture: Conor Harte. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Very bad news for our country which will no longer have 3 representatives in EHL for the 2022-2023 season. Indeed, despite the title won by the Waterloo Ducks in 2019 or the bronze medal won by the Leo, this year, during the Final 4 reshaped due to the pandemic, in Amsterdam, the results achieved in recent years, and this week. -end during the EHL Ranking Cup, by the Dragons (2 wins and 5th place) and La Gantoise (1 victory, 1 loss and 13th place), were unfortunately not enough to keep a place in the Top 3 of European nations which is occupied by Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

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In the latest ranking published by the European Federation, our country now comes in 4th position ahead of England. On the other hand, and as expected, among the Women, Belgium made a good entry into EHL (8 clubs) thanks to the excellent performance of La Gantoise, undefeated in Lille (4 successes), and the good performance of Braxgata (3rd ) in the same European Club Cup B.

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