EHL: Even in Europe, Leopold Wants to Remain Competitive

The Brabançons negotiated their return to European competition well. A 5-3 victory against the Irish from Bambridge won in the second half after showing much more technical mastery.Article reserved for subscribers We welcome the protégés of Jean Willems for their 9th participation in the prestigious European competition. The winners of the 2019 edition were able to remain calm after […]


Winners of Australia 5-4 on Saturday, this is their second straight win in a series of 8 games scheduled at the Wilrijkseplein by early July to conclude their 2022-23 Pro League campaign. Sunday, the Belgian staff decided to rest several holders like Arthur Van Doren, Vincent Vanasch, Florent Van Aubel or Nicolas De Kerpel. In the 1st […]


After the 2 London stages of the Pro League, it was in Antwerp that the Olympic champions continued their preparation for the European Championship with scheduled duels against Australia and New Zealand. Four new meetings for which Michel van den Heuvel recovered some of his executives with the returns of Vincent Vanasch, Arthur Van Doren, Sebastien […]


Raoul Ehren’s proteges continue to prepare meticulously for the German Euro in August. And the Pro League serves as an ideal playground for them to take care of the details and garner maximum confidence. A fter their flawless performance at the last stage of the Pro League, in London ten days ago, will the Belgian players be […]

Belgium: RTL is also betting on hockey

Over the past year, the private channel has expanded its sports offer. After cycling and padel, it is a new discipline which has enriched its catalog after the acquisition of the rights for EuroHockey 2023. Article reserved for subscribers It is a new “coup” which was carried out this week by RTL Belgium. The private […]

Slight advantage for Waterloo Ducks against Leo

The Brabançons won on the wire against the big favorite for the title this season. But the Ucclois have obviously not yet said their last word in these playoff semi-finals. Article reserved for subscribers By LAURENT TOUSSAINT Published on 05/13/2023 at 16:50 Reading time: 4 mins Even if the Uccle club is obviously presented as […]

Hockey: Louvain in Division 1 and Uccle Sport in play-offs

Daring – Uccle Sport: 2-1. The calculations were simple at the start of this last meeting of the Ucclois regular season. They had to do as well as Louvain, which was going to Braxgata on its side. A match that the proteges of Sofie Gierts would therefore have to take in hand. But it was […]

Hockey: the national title, Tom Boon's ultimate quest

After an unchallenged domination of the championship at the end of the regular competition with Leopold, Belgium’s best pyrotechnician wants to finally win his first national title. Article reserved for subscribers By LAURENT TOUSSAINT Published on 05/12/2023 at 12:21 Reading time: 5 mins In only 8 days, the Belgian championship will know its epilogue when […]

Belgium: Uccle Sport will have to increase in power during the play-offs

Even if the promoted did not manage to sign a fifth victory during the final day of the regular competition in Molenbeek land, they still have their fate in their hands to ensure their maintenance in the Division of Honor. Against the Daring, they showed some shortcomings that they could not reproduce during the play-offs, […]

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