Appeals Committee agrees with KNHB in Kampong case

The independent Appeals Committee of the KNHB has rejected Kampong’s appeal in the corona affair surrounding player Jip Janssen. This means that the penalty will be upheld: Kampong Heren 1 will be subtracted three points and the match Tilburg – Kampong from the Tulp Major League Men must be replayed. This statement is final. 

The Disciplinary Commission of the KNHB previously ruled that Kampong had acted incorrectly. The association had not reported the fact that on September 25, Jip Janssen had participated in the Tilburg H1 – Kampong H1 match, who was told during half-time that his corona test was positive. By not reporting this, Kampong not only violated the special additional provisions of the Federal Regulations, according to the disciplinary committee, but the association also harmed the reputation and interests of hockey in general. The disciplinary committee fined Kampong five hundred euros. The Utrecht club accepted this fine.


The Disciplinary Commission did not consider itself competent to rule on Janssen’s eligibility to play. The Disciplinary Commission ruled that the competition management of the KNHB itself had to determine whether the player was entitled to play or not.

The competition management decided on October 13 to impose the maximum penalty on Kampong : three points deducted and replaying the game. Kampong did not agree with this decision and appealed to the KNHB Board . That appeal took place in recent weeks. The union board saw no reason for revision. Kampong then asked the Appeals Committee to consider the imposed competition measure. He has now made a decision.


In a press statement, the KNHB has now also explained on the basis of which the competition management has punished Kampong. The association writes: ‘The competition management based the competition measure on the fact that the player in question had a test carried out one day before the game on the basis of minor complaints, the result of which was not yet known before the start of Tilburg – Kampong. Based on the special additional provisions of the Federal Rules, published prior to the competition, the competition management reasoned that the player in question should not have been drafted by SV Kampong. The competition management was of the opinion that the player in question should have been quarantined on the basis of the fact that he had minor complaints and had had a test performed, the result of which was not yet known. ‘

The Appeals Committee has now ruled that the KNHB ‘has reached its decision within reason’. For that reason, the appeal was dismissed. The three points deducted had already been processed in the standings of the Tulp Major League Men. The KNHB sets a new date on which the match Tilburg H1 – Kampong H1 will be replayed.

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