Belgium: The Indoor Red Lions Are Still Searching for Their True DNA

Belgium Indoor - Belgium: The Indoor Red Lions Are Still Searching for Their True DNA - The 6th place won during Euro 2020, in Berlin, was very disappointing. The group therefore wishes to move forward by learning the lessons of this last outing but above all to demonstrate that it has certain qualities. "We have a first meeting on Monday to launch our preparation campaign," said Maxime Bergez, the national coach. “We had already imagined organizing 1 or 2 training sessions during the international break imposed by the Pro League, but we are well aware that clubs want to let their players breathe due to fatigue and minor injuries. We will therefore begin our preparation only after the first round of the championship. We will train 3 times the first week and then twice the second. We will then play a 4 Nations tournament, on December 3 and 4, in Belgium, with Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. »

The national men’s team dreams of medals at the Euros and the World Cup. But to achieve this goal, it will still have to grow and take a new step in its development. Awhen the first round of the competition is in full swing and there are still 4 days to go before the winter break, […]

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