Hattrick Jip Janssen not enough: ‘Lost ourselves’

Drag in the first three penalty corners of the game. Write a clean hat-trick in twenty-seven minutes. But still go down the field defeated. That happened to Jip Janssen on Sunday during the top match against Oranje-Rood in Eindhoven. Of course he should have been the hero of the match. The hero of the day for Kampong. Everything looked like […]

Stefan Duyf refuses to throw in the towel

Waiting for the first win of the season, the pressure on Oranje-Rood, the current number twelve of the Dutch big league, is increasing every week. How does coach Stefan Duyf view the situation, after the worrying 1-2 defeat against competitor Kampong ? ‘ Copypaste , that’s it again’, are the first words of the 38-year-old coach when asked what he […]

HK (D): Den Bosch wins topper, another win for Kampong

On the ninth matchday in the Dutch big league, Den Bosch won the top match against Amsterdam. In the Wagener Stadium it was 2-1 for the leader on Sunday. At the bottom, Kampong was 2-1 too strong for last-placed Oranje-Rood and HGC took three points in the duel with hdm in the nick of time thanks to […]

Tulip HK (H): Oranje-Rood and Rotterdam show resilience

On the ninth day of play in the Tulp Hoofdklasse Men, Oranje-Rood and Rotterdam each fought to a tie. Oranje-Rood cleared a 3-1 deficit against Kampong and Rotterdam repaired a deficit against HGC three times. Closer Hurley seemed to take the first points of the season, but had to bow his head in the Bosderby with Amsterdam […]


As Wales women lined up to play their final match of the Women’s World Cup Qualifiers in Pisa, they had a tough ask ahead of them. Ranked 7th in the tournament, they needed to be on their best form to beat number 1 seed Ireland. With Wales having had a brilliant tournament so far – […]

Wales men secure India 2023 World Cup spot

The final of the European Qualifiers of the FIH men’s World Cup 2023 took place on a pleasant, autumn evening in the Welsh capital, with a scene of normality as both sides wore preferred kit – Wales all in red, and the French in blue shirts and white shorts. Both sides had already secured their […]

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