Jodie Kenny Tribute

Tributes Flood in for a Natural Born Leader Detail Info Client Name Hockey Australia Date 13 October 2020 Category Tribute “On and off the field a brilliant leader among the group. She will be missed.” One of the most popular and decorated Hockeyroos of the past decade has played her final match for her country, […]

Hockeyroos icon Jodie Kenny announces retirement

One of the most popular and decorated Hockeyroos of the past decade has played her final match for her country, with Jodie Kenny retiring from international hockey. After months of deliberation following the 12 month postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the 33 year old decided to call time on a career that began in 2011 […]

Field Hockey Canada appoints Andrew Wilson WNT Head Coach

WILSON JOINS TEAM CANADA AFTER A DECADE COACHING IN THE SPANISH HOCKEY PROGRAM Field Hockey Canada is thrilled to announce Andrew Wilson as the Head Coach of the Women’s National Team. Following the hiring of High-Performance Director, Adam Janssen, and Men’s National Team Head Coach, Andre Henning, Field Hockey Canada continues to build out its […]

YMCA Go Joint Top With Lisnagarvey

YMCA’s incredible start to the season continued apace as they held off Banbridge at Havelock Park to take a surprise share of top spot with Lisnagarvey after three rounds of the men’s EY Hockey League.  Pre-lockdown, they sat in the relegation playoff place before the season was voided but this year they look in no such danger […]

Foreign competitions: hockey is still played in Belgium

Now that our own competition has come to a halt, we are doing a tour of the fields in other countries. What about Dutch hockey players abroad? A look at the Belgian competition with Bob de Voogd, Valerie Magis, Roos Knijff and Milan van Baal among others. The hockey competition continues in Belgium. However, the rules were tightened […]

The KNHB mounts the barricade for the seniors and the big league

The KNHB goes up the barricade for senior hockey players and the big league-competition. The hockey association believes that senior hockey players, just like youth up to the age of 18, should be able to train in groups and play matches among themselves. Director Erik Gerritsen also argues that the Hoofdlasse Dames and Tulp Hoofdlasse Heren, just […]

Analysis: top hockey players are allowed to stick their heads above ground level more often

The statement of Lidewij Welten on Instagram on Wednesday, who was disappointed that she was portrayed as an amateur athlete, was imitated en masse. Earlier this year, Terrance Pieters spoke extensively about racism in De Volkskrant. This promotion also received a lot of attention. It pays off for top hockey players to speak up, more than they have done so […]

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